May your Eyes be Blessed by my Performance Shoot Evaluation

This evaluation will be looking at the shoot that we took at the old education building at The Grange for the performance shoot of our music video; Charlemagne by Blossoms. We gathered a plethora of shots from different angles, distances and types which has given us a lot of choice/freedom now in postproduction to create the captivating experience we set out to create. While many of these shots were a huge success, there were also some shots that all three of us can agree could have gone better.

What could have gone better?

For instance, in one of our shots a piece of paper was left in shot which could impact the continuity making for a less professional shot. This meant that we filmed an entire three minute shot of the whole song before realising the sheet was wedged in there, which meant that it would waste an even larger chunk of time should we decide to reshoot that single shot.

When we watched all of our footage through we discovered that there had been some issues with the lighting that were not as apparent when looking at the shot preview of the camera. The fact the lighting hadn’t been taken into account meant that there were certain members models and patches of the setting that were overexposed compared to the areas that are underexposed in the shoot. This meant that not as much attention was put onto the lead singer who is conventionally the most important member of a band because of the fact they are generally who the star image is based on.

Even if we choose not to use some of the shots that were not as high quality as the other ones, we still took lots of other shots still have more than enough material to use in our performance draft. Furthermore, if we discovered that we still needed the shots that we mucked up the first time, we could go back to the education building and do a 3rd shoot. If there was one thing that I feel we still need to film, it is a closeup of the lead singer singing as we have lots of mid-shots and some long-shots of him. However there are little to no close-ups/extreme close-ups, and if there are some, they are either out of focus or the camera is shaking.

What went very well?

The stability of the shots were very good compared to our test shoot where we had nothing to balance the camera on, as we used a tripod as a well as a dolly for the tripod to keep the camera steady for shots of long duration which wouldn’t be feasible shooting in handheld.

Thinking about mise-en-scene, our setting was a great choice for our shoot as it captured the idea we wanted to create of a part edgy, part exuberant background showcasing the weird, old architecture together with the brightly coloured stainglass windows.

The lip syncing of our lead singer was spot-on which helped to create a professional atmosphere which was more immersive for the audience rather than a fake and tacky one. This was possible because of us letting the model know weeks in advance which song we wanted to shoot which gave him time to listen to the song in his own time for queues, as well as to get to know the lyrics and mannerisms that are part of the star image.

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