Genre Conventions Analysis Time!

Below there is a VoiceThread which covers the entire repertoire of elements that was originally theorised by Nick Lacey, including the narrative, mise-en-scene and performance of a genre. This has helped me to identify and narrow down the features that should be present in my music video narrative in order to make it recognisable as being part of our genre.

Completing a genre analysis is crucial for us in understanding all of the conventions and meanings that belong to our genre that we need to replicate in our own production media in order to convey the right meanings to our target audience. Furthermore if we nail our conventions and meanings down, it will help to create a more developed star image.

The analysis talked about the different themes that were covered in a conventional indie pop/rock piece of media, which will help us in structuring our own narrative in order to comply with our star image. It also covers the edits and effects & camera that are commonly used by the genre, which are crucial to include in our own product, as these are the glue of the material we shoot so it has to fit in with the rest of the repertoire of elements so the audience gets a better understanding of the video.

Please note that due to Tom and Alex being ill at the time of recording the genre analysis, the voiceover was recorded solely by me.


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