A Lil bit of Feedback from the Teacher

Above you can see the ‘Screencastify’ that we got one of our teachers to create where they analyse the second draft of our music video (the first that includes the narrative shoot). Here is a short paragraph summarising the feedback that she gave:

The teacher; Mrs Cobb made it very obvious that she thought we need a much larger array of different types of shots at the start of the video to hook the viewer in more, getting more shots of the entire band at the start of the video for example to give the audience a better idea of who is playing what in the song. The teacher also commented on the fact that quite a few of our shots are out of place and could be re-ordered and had their duration’s increased or shortened to make them fit in more with the rest of the video. Along with this, the teacher enlightened us to the knowledge that we could add some form of colour correction to the video to enhance the idea that the main stars face is getting darker in colour as the narrative progresses. One small final thing is that we could make the performance shots shorter or try not to repeat the same shots over and over again for parts of the song such as the chorus where we have the guitar playing the same three chords every time.

How will we act on this feedback?

  • We can crop down and edit in more shots of the entire band at the start of the video. It is important that we remove/crop some other shots though to make sure that we are not overloading the video with content at the same time however.
  • Some of our shots could be made more relevant by speeding the pace up a bit, particularly with our performance shoot which which could be done by shortening some of the shots making room for more narrative and therefore more room for understanding.
  • We will look at the shots towards the end of the video which show the model getting grey face paint on him and evaluating whether we should apply a mono filter of sorts. However this would need to be gradual and not sudden to create the idea that the process of the models inner turmoil is increasing slowly through the song.
  • We will definitely shorten the duration of some of the performance shots to not only to give the affect of the performance being faster paced than the narrative, but to make more room for more unique performance shots that are not seen at other points in the music video to make it more interesting, keeping the audience hooked.

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