The Third Draft has arrived!

At this point we have created three different, unique drafts of our music video for you to see of the song Charlemagne by Blossoms. We haven’t made too many changes in this draft, however those that were made we think have a great impact on the footage.

Changes we made in this Draft…

One of the changes that we have made that are apparent in this video is the increase in visual effects. This helps to create more meaning for the viewer to unpack and understand as well as providing more eye candy to keep them hooked on the video to make them watch it until the end! We have also added in more footage into this draft, particularly at the end to help manufacture a more complete story arc, helping convey the meaning in the narrative of the video more easily.

The image you can see above is a snipping tool of some YouTube comments from our third draft of the music video, giving us some constructive criticism to take into account, aiding us in creating what will be our fourth draft. At this point, I think that it is crucial we get some feedback as it gives us other peoples perspective on what we have made, picking fault at things we ourselves understand perhaps only because we are the ones who created it. Therefore this is a good idea as after all we are not the ones that need to be fulfilled by this video.

Looking at the comments, the general consensus is that the narrative of our music video is particularly hard to understand in some areas, and therefore I think that this might be because of the amount of visual effects we applied to apply more meaning to the narrative which may have perhaps confused the links between different shots. Therefore when we create the next draft we should add even more footage in the gaps to make the narrative slightly more obvious so it can be easier understood by the audience.

The comment by Lucius points out that there is a lack of emotion throughout the performance on the lead singers face. This can be amended by tweaking already existing video effects to try and emulate the stars emotions so the audience have the ability to decipher more meaning.

Another collective concern was that the lip syncing of the lead singer was off at certain points, which after looking back is also present with the guitarist at moments such as 0:43 seconds in where the guitar strums slightly before the note in the music. This can easily be altered by stretching the footage out so you can edit shots to the beat more precisely.

Personally I think that we should work on cleaning up some of the blur on some of the close-ups of the lead singer at the start of the video as well as making the zoom at 2:02 slightly slower so that the viewer has more time to take in what is happening on the screen.


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