The Penultimate Music Video Draft!

By this point we are getting very close to having finished the final draft for our music video, with the video below as the fourth draft we have produced so far of the song Charlemagne by Blossoms. In this one we have worked on making changes based on the YouTube comments posted on the last draft as well as some of our own.

What have we changed in the most recent draft?

We learnt how to use a cropping tool which has the effect of splitting the screen so that you can have two different shots playing either side in shot. It also means that we can save space on the timeline where we want to focus on performance and narrative at the same time so we don’t have to place one shot after another which could be taken up by a shot that might better the narrative instead.

To try and fix our problem of having a complicated narrative, we removed some of the shots from the video. We replaced these with some performance shots of the rest of the band/stars. By having less narrative shots it meant we couldn’t add us many visual effects over it either, furthemore helping to make our video/narrative moreĀ easily understood.

We made sure to have a shot introducing each one of the band members at the start to appeal to the social interaction aspects of the Blumler & Katz theory of uses and gratification.

Some of the comments from the Audience Feedback are:

  • The narrative was still hard to understand at times, which ruins the story.
  • We use a nice range of edits which helps to meld the performance and narrative together well.
  • The end is confusing as the singer doesn’t go anywhere after leaving the microphone behind.
  • Some shots are off center which ruins the quality of the video, consequently lowering the chance that the viewer will watch the rest of the video.

How can we improve our video from here?

  • I noticed that the guitar at the start isn’t synced with the audio very well, so I would like to make a small edit to theis to improve the continuity.
  • I would also like to try and further remove some of the blur in the dye shots.
  • I also feel as if the zoom on the fish bowl at 2:02 should be slightly slower so the viewer has more time to see what is happening in the shot.
  • I would like to try and remove the shaking at 1:00 in with the bowl shot to make the shot as easy to understand as possible.
  • We should also try and fix the off-centered shots as this impacts the emmersion of some shots because of the fish bowl for instance, being just off center which diverts the viewers eyes away from the real meat of the video. This could be done by zooming in on the shot a tiny bit so you have some extra material outside of the shot that would allow you to move the shot sideways slightly.
  • We also need to address the point that was raised in the feedback of the final shot of the singer which could easily be replaced by another shot of him from a different angle.

Teacher suggested improvements:

  • Create the split between performance and narrative 50/50.
  • Use colour correction to make the grey paint more prominent to add more understanding.
  • Fix/replace the shot at 1:21 which is out of focus.
  • Make the head nodding on the beat slightly earlier for a greater effect that correlates with the sound.
  • More close-ups of the band members.
  • Change the sequencing of the fish bowl shots so that there isn’t one of the fish bowl without the dye in after we have already showed the artist putting dye in.
  • Try and implement a close-up of the spoon going in/ pouring liquid in.
  • Have a shot where we cut to a close-up of the artists face at the beginning to create some intimacy/social interaction between the viewer and the star.


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