Individual & Group Digipak Ideas Roundup!

In this post you will find three different stages of development which have greatly aided myself and the group in finalising our ideas for our digipak and the photo shoot associated with it.

To start off, I created an individual padlet on, which is essentially a board which you can post pictures or videos on and comment about them, which was useful to me as it meant I could note down conventions that were present in the particular picture. The conventions that I noted down were based off the colours, features, mise-en-scene, backgrounds and meanings of the genre of indie rock/pop, which is that of the digipak we have chosen to create after looking at a similar genres we covered in our music video.  The things I learnt form the padlet are that three commonly occuring colours are pink, red and blue as a trio, fonts are usually sans-serif, colour co-ordination or complete difference between band members, heavy usage of blue, and attention to nature. This embedded padlet can be seen below.

Made with Padlet

Along with my own padlet, I then met up with my group and exchanged the various conventions I had found with theirs, which we then evaluated and arranged into a collage summarising the conventions that we had all found in our individual research. This collage shares some of the conventions discussed in my own individual padlet, such as nature, blues, pinks and reds, as well as some of the others from the others padlets such as having two deeply contrasting colours present in one area. They also provided ideas of words and phrases that are conventional of our genre. Some photos of the collage can be seen below, expressing the conventions I just mentioned.

Finally, after compiling all of our research, we created a mock-up digipak including both the front and back cover. We wanted to try and include as many conventions that were related to indie rock/pop as we could, so to make sure there was a balance to avoid over saturation, we had to apply one convention to each feature of the design. For instance, to cover nature, we are taking the shoot in a family member of someone in my groups back garden which has lots of greenery to give us room for lots of different types of shots. For fonts, we are using bold, sans-serif typeface which will most likely be done in a white colour which is conventional of the genre. We also made sure to include as little writing as we could on the front, including the album title/band name as it is conventional of indie rock to make the viewer spend more time decoding the front cover instead of looking at the title. In terms of camera, we made sure that the shot that would go on the back cover showed the model looking up at where the track list will be to create an eye-line match. On the topic of the track list, we enclosed the titles in a white box/border to make it easier for the viewer to read, as well as making it easier for someone who is already familiar with the genre to read as they will know that this particular feature is popular in the genre of indie pop, and are therefore more likely to buy our product. Once again, the two pictures of the front and back of the digipak can be found below this chunk of text.






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