Second Shoot Contact Sheet(s)


Above you can see the contact sheets for my second shoot at Castle Cornet. I think the shoot went really well, portraying exactly what I wanted from the shoot, although I did not foresee the use of the Afghan Coat used in the shoot. Also above are the images that turned out the best.



Language Analysis



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Billboard (June 20th), HudMo’s Genreless Genius, Meaghan Garvey

In order to gain In order to gain an understanding of articles in music magazines I analysed an album review of HudMo’s ‘Genreless Genius’. The article is written by Meaghan Garvey.The structure of the article is an album review, consisting of 4 paragraphs.The presence of the journalist is lacking throughout the article, only found when the journalist gives their opinion on the album and its contents and example of this being ‘Mohawke transcends any pigeonholing once and for all, offering a polished vision of his genre-agnostic world’.The whole article is based solely on the journalists opinion, this impacts the reader by giving a very direct focus on the album itself and the background behind it and spending time on nothing else. The review itself is written in a 1st person perspective, although no personal pronouns are used, due to the article featuring just the album. There is a lack of mode of address as you are not aware of the journalists presence, only on the artists. The opening discusses the artists previous album, where the conclusion finishes on the overall opinion on the album this can be seen with ‘BACK WHEN HUDSON Mohawke was crafting bombastic synth-scapes in his mom’s Glasgow basement in the 2000s’ as well as ‘It’s a welcome deviation, and a clean slate, for a guy who doesn’t like to stay in one place too long ’Throughout the article, a range of different adjectives are used this is seen with ‘sparkling, drum-less synth exploration, concept album that mirrors a full day, yawning awake with palate-clearing drones and ending ecstatically in the wee hours of a club utopia’, this use of adjectives mirrors the genre of music as well as its audience, that being EDM / rap music.

The purpose of this article is to give insight into the making of the album and the history of the artist, as well as a rating of the album itself. Starting with the background on the artist then onto the current album.

Overall I think that the article presents HudMo as an everchanging, talented and successful. Whilst also describing his as having ordinary beginnings, this can be seen with ‘Mohawke was crafting bombastic synth-scapes in his mom’s Glasgow basement in the 2000s’. This follows Richard Dyers Paradox of a star, showing them as both ordinary and extraordinary.


A New Improved Front Page

Here is the second draft of my magazine cover.

What’s new

  • I have added a stroke around the ‘presents’ as it makes it easier to read against the two different color background
  • Bar-code and Price
  • Changed the font of the Issue and Date to make it more legible
  • Added more to the cover lines


  • Make it stand out more
  • Add more features to make it a bit more eye-catching
  • Empty
  • Add another colour

Draft of Front Page

What you see above is my first draft for my magazine front cover that I created on Indesign. I then asked someone what they thought of the cover.

Pros :

  • The whole design is very appealing to the eye
  • The star image fits the style of the magazine of indie

Targets :

  • Add more cover lines
  • Add barcode
  • Make the cover much more ‘busy’ by adding more content to it.

First Contact Sheet(s)


Seen above are the contact sheets for the cover photo of my magazine. I think that my shoot was successful As I came out with about 100 useable photos, although other photos came out as either underexposed or overexposed. Below are the photos that I think turned out the greatest, I have edited this in photoshop to give the photo a 35mm film effect.



So… I am ready to photograph my star.

Mission Statement : ‘Carnation’ is the hottest magazine for the Indie scene, whether it be old classics of the 1980s to the debut albums of today, It will be found. .’Carnation’ inspires those who read it to express themselves, no matter what background, It invites them to a new meaningful movement.

Brand Values : Carnation aims to bring a new perspective to the indie genre, and aims to provide the reader with new regular content, as well as making them feel part of a community.

In order to make this magazine to the best standard, I will have to use the knowledge I have gained over the last few months. Such as Mise-en-scene (C.L.A.M.P.S) and the technical side of the camera (Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposure)

Along with researching how I will do the shoot, I have also looked at the conventions of the genre and overall magazine conventions (Mastheads, Plugs, Pugs). I will also try to create a star image for my model, this will be done by using Richard Dyers Paradox of the star. I will have to make my star appear both absent and present swell as creating them ordinary and extraordinary. I will also have to factor in Hall’s theory of three responses, Preferred, Oppositional and Negotiated Reading to make my magazine reach my audience.