Below are the adverts that I am going to use for my magazine on the two blank pages. I have chosen the blur poster as it fits my music genre well, being indie pop, Blur is a staple britpop indie band, it also fits very well to the design of my contents page, both sporting a minimalist style with bright colors. The Dr. Martens on the other hand are a very recognizable brand, especially in the indie fashion scene, being seen as very rebellious and anti-mainstream. This magazines also fit well with my ‘dating’ demographic that I made, as the profile would find both of the adverts appealing to them. I even stated in my dating profile that he mostly wore Dr. Martens boots.


Complete Magazine Draft

This is my final draft to my magazine.


Please click to see the PDF version

Below is the teacher screencastify response to my first final draft.


Front Cover

  • Align ‘Tour Review’
  • Add more detail about ‘bluebell’?
  • Add Graphic illustration

Contents Page

  • Match Font Size
  • Grammar Changes
  • Add two more content page ‘nodes’
  • Add more detail about ‘skat’


  • Change layout
  • Add more colour
  • Make Image of fran bigger

My Success Criteria for my next draft is as follows

  • Make general SPAG corrections
  • Format Certain text so they are a consistent size and align in certain areas
  • Add detail to both my front cover and my contents page
  • Add more color and correct the layout of the DPS.










Draft of Content Page

Please click to see a PDF version

This is my current draft of my contents page.  I had gone for a London Underground design almost, with the route being the magazine contents.

What’s New

  • Whole ‘London underground’ design
  • Pictures of artists featured in the magazine with captions
  • Page numbers and whats featured in them

What’s Next

  • Add page numbers
  • Make the image bigger
  • Add more information to what the pages are about.
  • Add catchy captions

What is a Contents Page?

Before I create my own contents page, I need to think about some general layouts for a contents page

Contents pages  are used to direct the user for certain content, by using a content page, the reader can flip to any page they want, and know what it is about. They are used to hook, entice, intrigue and inform the reader.

Here are the conventions of a Contents Page :

  • Title
  • Page Numbers
  • Photographs as well as graphic illustrations
  • Editors Hello
  • Title
  • Catchy Captions.

A New Improved DPS


What’s New

  • I made the image of Fran larger and put her on the right.
  • I also placed the squares (which were taking up empty space), behind the text, the Article name and the opening
  • I also edited the title placement making it more unique

What’s Next

  • Maybe add more color to the whole design
  • Add page numbers
  • Add more of the article
  • Make the image of Fran even bigger.

Feedback & Reflection on Draft DPS

Teacher Feedback :

Mrs Cobb : Make the masthead larger and the image of Fran larger, also use the empty space on the right where the squares are

Student Feedback:

Etienne said he really liked the overall design, especially the font, although he thought the image was too small



  • Make the image of Fran Larger
  • Make the name of the artist larger
  • move around my format so there is less empty space taken up.