Music Video Draft 1 – Rough Cut

Overall I think the shoot went relatively well, our actor knew all of the words and we were able to experiment with some shots which we will use in our final draft. This rough draft was important for us as it made us realize the improvements we need to add when it comes to our final music video.


-Smoother transition of shots, some transitions are very jarring and fast

-More variety of shots, again we only really had 3 shots overall

-More facial expression of actor, get the star to play guitar more actively, at some points it is clear that the star isn’t really playing the guitar

-Add some movement shots, the static shots gets boring

-More personal shots with actor, get that intimate feeling

-Get rid of the 14 seconds long black screen at the intro

-Maybe utilize a different set, possibly outside, to add variation to the overall music video

-Use more focused guitar shots aswell as focusing on strumming etc.

-More pace of edit to the beat


Shoot 1 Reflection (Performance)

We had our first performance shoot at the Delancey campus. The performances got better and better as the shoot went on.

During the first few shots, it was clear that the star knew the general rhythm of the song, but was a bit rusting on the lyrics. To aid with this we gave him the lyrics in between shots, so he would get used to the song more. Our third group member could sadly not make to it due to being ill, although the remaining group did take turns in operating the camera and choosing what angles to do next etc. We went to a classroom at College of FE Delancey campus, we chose this as it is has interesting architecture and doesnt have much natural light, which means we can use the same building on different days and it will look consistent.

After looking at our footage and its editing we have have set our self the following targets for our next shoot:

  • Use a range of different angles to make the video more interesting to actually view, at the moment we are just using a closeup, a mid-shot and a long-shot.
  • Prepare our star by making sure he knows the words, and directing him what to do with the guitar
  • more close up intimate shots should be used on the star, as we really only have 1 close up




Star Image – The Performer

The star image is how the star is highlighted in media, photoshoots and most importantly the music video, it is supposed to highlight the stars attitudes, beliefs and their personality, to the target audience.

The main purpose of a music video is to make money, an accompanying music video means has some visual effect, and in this music video, this ‘star image’ can be portrayed in a medium of ways throughout the music video. As you can see instead of choosing Oasis I decided to choose the Stone Roses, another band from Manchester who created this attitude of cockiness and egoity. Doing this has helped me judge how I want my own star to appear and behave in the performance part of our music video, as well as their meta-narrative. It will also help me take into account Mise-En-Scene and other factors to create this meta-narrative. For our music video we will be portraying our star in the style of oasis, wearing oversized clothing, being very moody, not really caring how he looks and cocky.

Describe Your Audience

The uses and gratifications theory by Blumler and Katz suggests that media users have an active role in how they use media and therefore how they consume music. We have to reach out to our audience, educate, entertain and allow for social interactions to come as a result of my music video.

Aswell as this, Halls theory says that there are hidden messages in media and that it is up to the audience to decode these messages and understand them. These messages can be interpreted in many different ways, the ways these are interpreted are dependent on the world around them.

The target audience for our song is most likely a millennial, who dresses in a very British way, wearing Fred Perry polo shirts and Adidas swell as other sports casual brands, as well as this they are likely to be a football fan, either supporting Liverpool, Manchester United, or their local team. It is important for the industry to know their audiences so they can promote or advertise in a way that will directly reach and appeal to them, doing so will increase the likely hood of the music being interacted with, making money.

Pitch + Feedback

Positives and Feedback

+ Interesting Concept

+ MES will be a large factor

+ Good use of sets

+ Narrative and Performance are combined

+ Will have good editing

+ Well known band but a lesser known song


– Maybe another actor or two needed to add to narrative

-Need more detail on what props will be used

-MES needs to be worked on

-Finalize choice of set

-Will need close ups on the toys, to keep interest

-Decide on costume design