Test Shoots

This is our first ‘test’ shoot, which is done to practice ice our skills with the camera, as well as practicing composition and framing. This will aid us when we are doing our first performance shoot as we will be able to correct mistakes found in this shoot. It also helped us gain an idea of what our star will be wearing in the music video.

What Went Well:

  • We explored a range of different angles and camera compositions
  • Range of different shots in editing


  • In some shots, phones / camera bags can be seen etc, ruining continuity
  • The building we were shot in was extremely warm, this wasn’t helped by the jacket I was wearing
  • In some parts it is clear that I forgot my lines,

Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Above is my first attempt at lip syncing. Lip syncing is very important to a music video as if done wrong can ruin any sort of atmosphere in the video, and the viewers will focus on the wrong lip syncing. Lip syncing has to be perfect, if it isn’t it can distract the viewer, If I were to do this task again I would have asked the opposite gender to lip sync, as it looks very strange with a man lip syncing to a woman’s lyrics. From this task I have learnt to use Wevideo, a free browser based editing software, which will be very useful in future. If i were to do the editing again, I would add more clips inbetween the intro of the video, as it is very long.

Prelim Task Mood Montage

In a group of 4 we were tasked to create a montage piece, today we chose the ‘Practice makes perfect’ with the ‘determination’ theme. For our montage we did decided to make the montage, about the production of a montage. Then we went out and filmed the shots according to our storyboard.

Above is the final product. I feel like my montage really doesn’t have that much of an impact, although it heavily tells a story. I feel like the opening cuts (00:04 – 00:07) create a feeling of determination, due to the fast movements and cutting. This also helps create a sense of progression, although I feel like I used too many video transitions throughout the montage. I feel like it would have benefited from much less video transitions as it feels too busy and I would add a lot more variation of shots. This task was good as it gave us experience in using Adobe Premier Pro and getting the basics of the program. Focusing forward, this has helped me in basic editing and how to add effects and cut together clips. I also found out how to add a startcard and an endcard. This will all be useful in creating my music video.