In this task I have used the following camera techniques: shot reverse shot, establishing shots and reaction shots. I used these techniques in order to give a detailed view on everything that occurs in the video.  A shot reverse shot is a great way of showing somebody’s reaction to an action or statement and really illustrates their emotion towards it. I have also included an establishing shot to really give an expression of the atmosphere and what situation the actors are in.  Although the overall length of each segment is appropriate, their is a scene when she walks towards the door which I feel is a bit short, this was because the continuity in filming was wrong so we had to sacrifice appropriate length for continuity during editing.

I have also learn’t some rules such as the 180 degree rule. The 180 degree rule is to ensure your camera stays behind a 180 degree imaginary line so you don’t confuse the audience by changing the scene too much from different angles, it is also to keep the actors in a certain spot so conversations are easy to follow. I also applied a match on action shot to the video to give a clear indication as to what the main focus of the scene was about and to really get across information. I felt that my match on action was too obscure during the shot and although I got my point across it just felt too focused and slightly ruined the shot for me.

This task has expanded my knowledge on some of the features of Adobe premiere pro. I am able to render videos, cut videos, and flip them. The most important tool for this task is definitely the cutting tool otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to piece the final edit together. Although cutting was a long process it overall gave the video a much better flow and allowed me to edit a conversation smoothly whilst having the freedom of not having to film each individual moment of speech. Rendering was also important and it allowed the video to appear in a high definition quality and prevented it from having any unprocessed areas such as removing stutter from the final edit.

If I was to do this project again I would certainly record much more footage to cover more areas and to fix some problems that post processing cannot fix. This task has highlighted the importance of collecting a lot more footage and to make sure that the scene follows continuity during filming.