Above is a rough compilation of all the different shots we have filmed over our afternoon of filming. This task allowed us to notice the variation of shots required to complete a music video and helps identify if we had taken enough shots for a final draft, this also presents the difference between good and bad shots as the lighting, camera focus, and framing are seemingly different throughout.

Overall my group worked very well together, we each had an input in most decisions and all helped in certain areas such as moving equipment, setting up equipment, and working the camera.

What was good:

  • The mise-en-scene from each member was very consistent and fit in well
  • The location suited the genre and had many sub areas that we could film performers individually whilst maintaining a similar yet different feel
  • Our performers put in the effort to mimic the song which makes editing to the beat/lyrics easier.

Targets for next time:

  • It would be good to experiment with more angles and different locations in the 180 degrees
  • Have a much clearer understanding of each shot before we get to filming them so the day goes smoothly