The performance turned out fairly well despite feelings of being unready.  My performers turned up on time and with the appropriate apparel they were asked to wear, this allowed my group to  begin filming without having the hassle of finding suitable clothing. My group also contributed to this by bringing all the equipment they were assigned to bring, this included props such as guitars and amplifiers. The weather for the shoot began to seem worrying as we had no way of protecting the equipment from rain which would have postponed our shoot, luckily it turned out to be a clear day which allowed us to access all areas of where we were filming. One of the performers was willing to accept a haircut and allowed us for the duration of filming to style it in a sense that fits in with the mise-en-scene of the genre.

On the negative side of things it would have been nice for us to have taken a tracking shot to add to the variation of shots we already have. Due to one member only having the haircut for that specific area of time it also limits how much we can film due to him no longer having the hairstyle and any further recording would violate the continuity of the video. Finally, one of the performers left without notice which resulted in us not being able to get a shot we would have liked to have taken on the day, this means the shots of individual performers will have to be done on other days, because we were concerned about continuity, we filmed the bassist for the shot whilst he still had his haircut.

Targets for next time:

  • Ensure objects not related to the scene are out of frame (we had a bag in a wideshot that I didn’t notice whilst filming which ultimately ruined the shot)
  • Make sure we have all the equipment before travelling to the venue (we left a microphone at someones house, luckily they lived only 5 minutes away)
  • Be sure the camera is focused and has everything in frame (I had to focus and readjust the camera during a run through which ruined that duration of filming)