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This is our star image planning which is an in depth analysis of our star. This includes images from their website, album covers, Instagram posts and images of the band. Doing this helps us to direct our performers to behave and convey appropriate, conventional actions and attitudes of the genre that make up the overall meta-narrative of our star.

We have learnt from this task that our star can be very interactive with the audience whilst maintaining a level of passion and enthusiasm to what they are doing.  The digipaks and general images of the star gives us an idea as to what ours should look like, with such effects as black and white and possible fog or extra effects, this adds a level of mood and expression to the star. By having them reach out to their audience and promoting themselves indicates that they are proud about what they produce and want to share it.

By creating this moodboard of images of the band using album covers and posts on social media, it allows me to understand what the band are about, how they get across messages, what they appear as, and how it can benefit my own work such as adding in detail to match the genre.