Above is the narrative structure for my groups music video. It also includes how we will edit the narrative in post production. We have chosen to edit non chronologically due to the nature of what our narrative is, no matter where we are we have the same representation but some shots appeal to other thoughts such as curiosity or anger etc.

As it is a rock song we have decided to be more performance heavy which is typical for the genre. This is because we want to show off the performers and sell their identity to the audience whilst the narrative we include will benefit and accompany the performance nicely. The narrative stars will have a more visual appeal to get across messages without speaking words which is why we thought paint is an easy and effective way to get across the messages we wish to portray.

Finally, the narrative does not have a strict story so it essentially will just end where we feel it will be appropriate in the video. This is because we have invented the characters to be quite general so it gets the message across that anyone and all types of people can feel like this.