We decided to shoot on two days for the narrative due to how long one of the sessions was going to take.  This was because one of our shooting sessions involved walking to an obscure location and spending a lot of time setting up and filming there. We didn’t want all of our shots to be in the same backdrop or with the same person so we also decided to shoot somebody else in a different setting to give variation to the narrative yet have the same themes. Communication was key here so that we all had our props and equipment, in the first shoot with Ollie as the star, we relied heavily on props as it was the main focus for that session. Because we co operated well and got across any questions to each other, the first shoot went smoothly and were very happy with the outcome.

The second shot involved Lucie and was much more convenient than the first shot because it was very easy to film and we got lots of footage. Due to not being fully prepared, we hadn’t finished our story board and therefore didn’t get very effective or varied footage, this resulted in us spending more time to film. We have learn’t from this that we must be absolutely sure on what we are going to do before we are even close to filming so that we don’t waste time or the opportunity of getting needed footage.

Some targets for future shoots:

  • Complete storyboards and reference to them constantly
  • Get more shots than you will use in the final edit