An experienced media editor came in and gave us some tips that could help in the final edit of our music video. This involved the use of an effect overlay which changes the colour and mood of the video. To do that we first made a new adjustment overlay to apply the effect to the whole video rather than spend hours applying it to every individual clip. By doing this, we also can apply the exact settings to every clip and easily view if it suits the video or not.

After adding the adjustment layer we then searched for a suitable effect to add. We ended up finding a preset we liked and applied it to the whole video, we did play around with other effects just to view how they would appear but most of them didn’t suit very well.

Finally, we clicked on the adjustment layer and changed the variables we had at our disposal to find a fitting appearance, at the moment we are using the stock setting as we found it was much more appealing and pairs well with nearly all clips. By including a deep lighting effect the mood makes the band appear grungier which adds to the mise-en-scene. The narrative appeared more dream like yet the maintained angles on the shot imply a severity and attention required to understand and interpret the shot.

In this task i’ve learnt how to use adjustment layers and the cinematic effects offered by premiere pro.

What went well:

  • Effect suits video
  • All members know how to use the software
  • The effects really add to the video

Even better if:

  • We used a custom setting to suit our needs
  • We applied two or more effects on top of each other
  • We filled in all the gaps in the timeline with footage