Upon creating the digipak I used various adobe programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. I had not used illustrator prior to this task so it was a new learning experience that could benefit my product greatly. In the first draft we have created a symmetrical symbol which is inspired from celtic illustrations which was created using mirror drawing in illustrator. This became the front cover of the digipak and could be improved upon greatly by being more bold but for a first attempt it was extremely pleasing to have created a graphic with this tool.

After our front cover was designed we exported it into photoshop to apply the band name somewhere we felt was appropriate. This involved us designing a logo for our band which involved the use of two features new to us which were perspective warp and liquify. By implementing the use of these features we have created a unique identity for our band which stands out and shows creativity. Upon completion of the logo we did run into some problems such as not being able to edit the colour easily which is what we will have to be careful about in the future when designing other graphics. On photoshop I used the pencil tool to sharpen edges and give a 3D effect and I used the colour picker to edit the background gradient without having a murky effect on the colliding colours.