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Music Video Draft 4

Production Skills Evaluation 2

An experienced media editor came in and gave us some tips that could help in the final edit of our music video. This involved the use of an effect overlay which changes the colour and mood of the video. To do that we first made a new adjustment overlay to apply the effect to the whole video rather than spend hours applying it to every individual clip. By doing this, we also can apply the exact settings to every clip and easily view if it suits the video or not.

After adding the adjustment layer we then searched for a suitable effect to add. We ended up finding a preset we liked and applied it to the whole video, we did play around with other effects just to view how they would appear but most of them didn’t suit very well.

Finally, we clicked on the adjustment layer and changed the variables we had at our disposal to find a fitting appearance, at the moment we are using the stock setting as we found it was much more appealing and pairs well with nearly all clips. By including a deep lighting effect the mood makes the band appear grungier which adds to the mise-en-scene. The narrative appeared more dream like yet the maintained angles on the shot imply a severity and attention required to understand and interpret the shot.

In this task i’ve learnt how to use adjustment layers and the cinematic effects offered by premiere pro.

What went well:

  • Effect suits video
  • All members know how to use the software
  • The effects really add to the video

Even better if:

  • We used a custom setting to suit our needs
  • We applied two or more effects on top of each other
  • We filled in all the gaps in the timeline with footage

Draft 3

Above is the draft 3 of my groups music video.

In this iteration we included a lot more narrative planning for it, we took on earlier comments about how the venues change to quickly and too often so we have reduced that to give a better sense of where the performers are and to limit confusion. A more varied approach also took place so we used similar shots consecutively to give the upbeat feel of the music video whilst not making it appear as a mess.


  • Include close ups of the singer so you can see his mouth
  • Implement all our narrative shots
  • Change some editing so it fits the beat
  • Add close ups of props, (guitar etc.)


New storyboard

Our new storyboard focuses around the theme of the seven deadly sins. The narrative was adapted because our first iteration didn’t really fit together well and didn’t make sense, by remaking the storyboard we have also eliminated many bad attributes such as the story confusing the audience.

Feedback from Teacher

What went well:
  • The beginning shot of the performers entering the scene
  • A lot of individual shots
  • Straight cut to main singer is good
  • Great edit with the door being smashed at 2:43
  • Great choice of venues
  • Great main performer and performance
  • Great props and mise-en-scene
  • Good narrative with Ollie

What could have been better:

  • The drumming at the beginning is slightly off beat
  • Sudden cuts to different locations, confusing
  • Start off with the band as a group and use individual shots elsewhere
  • Some syncing to the beat is off
  • Face is covered by the microphone in most of the shots
  • More energy in the edit
  • Too many venues at once
  • Connection with camera on and off
  • Close ups at pertinent places in song
  • More narrative, continuity
  • Lucie not relevant
  • Not much movement in shots, too static

Draft 2

Above is draft 2 of my music video

This is our second draft for our music video, which we have incorporated the narrative shoot into.

I think that this draft went well and is quite appealing for a second draft, however, the pace in some parts of the video is quite slow and could do with a much faster pace in the editing.

What went well:

  • Most of the shots are edited to the beat of the song
  • The video is synced well to the audio
  • There are good shots of the performers and the performance

What could have gone better:

  • A much faster and more upbeat edit
  • More narrative and continuity
  • Include the missing shots

Audience Ideologies

Click above to view PDF

To find my target demographic, I searched for fans of shinedown on a website called yougov. I found that the main demographic were right wing males around the age of 40. In addition to this, I also found out that the target audience enjoyed superhero movies and sitcoms, they also enjoyed listening to rock band other than shinedown such as slipknot.

Click above to view PDF

In this task I had to consider how my target audience would decode the media my group would produce which is why I needed to know what audience we are aiming for. When we create the music video and its accessories, we want it to suit who we are aiming for so that it is accepted and becomes successful and isn’t rejected.

Production Skills 1

When working on the second draft of my music video, I had learnt a few features of the program that were new to me. I had never used premiere pro before but I did have a  few transferable skills from software similar to it such as wevideo. When my group were editing draft 2, we all discovered a feature that would benefit our music video and it allows us to show skills we have learnt throughout each draft. In these screenshots, it demonstrates changing the speed of a clip to give it a slow motion effect, this benefits the aesthetic of the narrative as it allows us to express an emotion or thought by simply changing how fast the clip plays. The slow walk of Ollie with the axe dragging behind him implies intimidation or a mysterious aura about him which we wouldn’t understand if it wasn’t in slow motion.

This image shows the speed/duration dialog when we edit the speed of the clip. It is shown as a percentage and also allows us to play the clip in reverse which may look good in certain video situations.

This clip shows us including a text box to notify the current viewer that we have not yet got a shot for this section of the music video, it also is a different colour to indicate it has an effect on it.

This is the effects tab on premiere pro, this allows us to select an effect to add to a clip. We will use this in the future in the final edit of the video to add a new dimension to the narrative and the appearance of the performance.

Narrative Shoot Evaluation

We decided to shoot on two days for the narrative due to how long one of the sessions was going to take.  This was because one of our shooting sessions involved walking to an obscure location and spending a lot of time setting up and filming there. We didn’t want all of our shots to be in the same backdrop or with the same person so we also decided to shoot somebody else in a different setting to give variation to the narrative yet have the same themes. Communication was key here so that we all had our props and equipment, in the first shoot with Ollie as the star, we relied heavily on props as it was the main focus for that session. Because we co operated well and got across any questions to each other, the first shoot went smoothly and were very happy with the outcome.

The second shot involved Lucie and was much more convenient than the first shot because it was very easy to film and we got lots of footage. Due to not being fully prepared, we hadn’t finished our story board and therefore didn’t get very effective or varied footage, this resulted in us spending more time to film. We have learn’t from this that we must be absolutely sure on what we are going to do before we are even close to filming so that we don’t waste time or the opportunity of getting needed footage.

Some targets for future shoots:

  • Complete storyboards and reference to them constantly
  • Get more shots than you will use in the final edit


Risk Assesment

The risk assessment is an important tool which allows us to identify and eliminate most potential dangers before going out and filming. In addition to thinking of the risks, it was a site two of us had previously visited and was therefore familiar to the area. Thankfully it was a sunny day so it wasn’t very muddy and slippery.

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