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Star Image Planning


Click the above image to see in better quality and to read annotations.

We want the star to deliver a meta-narrative by using themes to relate to the audience. This may be shown through the contrast of emotions from our model which can vary from being artificially lacklustre all the way to intense animosity towards inanimate objects which may represent other things. On the other hand we also wanted to show virtue in the human mind whilst dancing around the idea of corruption attempting to take over.

Risk Assesment

The risk assessment is an important tool which allows us to identify and eliminate most potential dangers before going out and filming. In addition to thinking of the risks, two of us walked around the area and assessed it in person which adds to our understanding of the area and what needs to be avoided, Ollie then met up with a member of the company who gave us permission to use the filming premises and went through safety guidelines for the area.

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

In a previous lesson my group had the pleasure of talking to a professional in the creative sector for the Specsavers company. We were able to receive some feedback from him about our practise work and some features on premiere pro that will help us during post production.

One of the key elements we spoke about was lighting, this is because the rock genre benefits greatly from the use of shadows and highlights to give the environment contrast and life.  We were told a great way of controlling lighting was to use multiple light sources to cover a larger or more specific area. Colour was also another mention as light walls reflect better and give a more even spread of the lighting throughout, dark walls on the other hand absorb light and may allow you to create a silhouette of the performers to give them that mysterious unidentifiable image.

Secondly, we were shown some editing features that allow us to modify lighting and image quality in post production. This included exploring the features of Lumetri colour correction, video opacity and overlay, and the many tint features which added a grain on a video clip. He then explained how using each of these features in moderation can give a very dark undertone which suits the rock genre fairly well. A final word from him was that although lighting is important, we have to focus on getting a good amount of it and not overdoing each effect in the final draft.

Having received this in depth feedback and being taught a few new features that may assist in our final video, my group will be able to produce a more appealing and unique music video.

This youtube video is essentially a summary of what we had been taught. This mainly features the lumetri colour panel which includes a wide range of options for colour editing a video.


Production Meeting Agenda for Production Shoot

This is the production meeting agenda for my music video. It is important that we follow each stated area closely so we do not forget any items and everyone has their own responsibility. It also has the time and dates so nobody will be late and knows what they need to do and where and the images for location and costume as to give the group members a good idea of what they need to comply with and how the location is laid out.

Permission from Artist

Requesting permission is imperative due to the audio content being someone else’s property. Without sufficient permission our video may be taken off of youtube and if this was for commercial purposes more lawful actions could be enforced. By asking we are hoping to be allowed the rights to use the song in our video so we have no problems when uploading.

Genre Conventions Analysis

Visual Shot List for Performance Shoot

By identifying shots from other music videos of the same genre, we are showing our knowledge and are able to implement it into our own video when we come to film it.  Each shot in the slide has a certain meaning to that artist in that performance, it tells us that there are generic shots which are imperative in a music video but we have gained some knowledge on how certain shots give the video a unique feel and really adapt to the performance. Mid shots and close ups are essential as they give the basic information towards what the scene is about what is there and it allows us to focus on the band performing whilst giving a really good idea of atmosphere. There are however many shots we are able to do to give a unique feel such as a shot involving erratic motion from the camera to really give the effect of our genre.

The three videos we took screencaps of were , “Get stoned” by Hinder,  “Chop suey” by System Of A Down,  and “Devils” by Shinedown.


Test Shoots

This is a 20 second clip of our final song that we used as a practise. For a short task that was not as prepared for as it could have been, my group members showed some of their strengths such as stepping up to be performing in the video and organising how we take which shots and where.

My group took more shots than necessary as we did not use some in the final edit, however this was a good decision because if we didn’t have enough shots or weren’t happy with them then we would have to redo some shots which would have used up too much time. We were also very efficient in our filming as we did it all within a 30 minute period and ended up with scenes we were more than pleased with.

On the other hand, our tripod wasn’t the most rigid and resulted in a few shots being slightly shaky. Another point we possibly could have changed was the mise en scene in our clips, we had chosen an appropriate location for our genre but I feel there may have been a slightly better place.

Targets for another shoot

  • Check equipment before taking it out to film
  • Learn the lyrics for the song
  • Apply our knowledge of mise en scene in detail
  • Communicate better during post production


Above is the video for our feedback on our pitch. The feedback we were given is as follows.

  • The song was passionate and full of energy, good for making a video of a band working in unison and fitting together.
  • Clothing should be styled very close but with varies approaches to their characteristics. Things such as tattoos, leather and ripped clothing to give them the styled persona to suit the music and the roles they will be in.
  • Varied track tempo to fit with pace of video. The narrative is all about progressing and showing the characters becoming free and removing the chains holding them back. Don’t necessarily go with being on a beach as it is not genre appropriate and really get across the point of the narrative.
  • We should use metaphors alongside practical representations to give the video some depth and to get people thinking rather than being absolutely transparent. Give the actions and atmosphere a reason for being what it is.


Final Song Choice

After listening to each pitch from every group member, we have decided upon which song would be best for our team. The song is “Cut the cord” by shinedown. The music genre and composition of the song is presented clearly and presents a simple yet complex foundation for us to work with. By choosing the song to suit our abilities, we will be able to demonstrate our strengths and knowledge whilst improving on our weaknesses.


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