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Narrative Shoot Evaluation

We decided to shoot on two days for the narrative due to how long one of the sessions was going to take.  This was because one of our shooting sessions involved walking to an obscure location and spending a lot of time setting up and filming there. We didn’t want all of our shots to be in the same backdrop or with the same person so we also decided to shoot somebody else in a different setting to give variation to the narrative yet have the same themes. Communication was key here so that we all had our props and equipment, in the first shoot with Ollie as the star, we relied heavily on props as it was the main focus for that session. Because we co operated well and got across any questions to each other, the first shoot went smoothly and were very happy with the outcome.

The second shot involved Lucie and was much more convenient than the first shot because it was very easy to film and we got lots of footage. Due to not being fully prepared, we hadn’t finished our story board and therefore didn’t get very effective or varied footage, this resulted in us spending more time to film. We have learn’t from this that we must be absolutely sure on what we are going to do before we are even close to filming so that we don’t waste time or the opportunity of getting needed footage.

Some targets for future shoots:

  • Complete storyboards and reference to them constantly
  • Get more shots than you will use in the final edit




My target demographic are males with a typically high disposable income and have similar tastes and hobbies. Self presentation is very big in the classical world and cologne would appeal to my audience as they would  have the same interest. Cruises are typically expensive and a member of a high social grade may be willing to spend large amounts on money going on these holidays and therefore would receive a fair bit of custom from my magazine advertisement. I used yougov to find my research which gave a wide range of who my demographic was and a range of interests such as movies and tv shows.


Draft 6

In general, the feedback I received was positive but there were a few constructive points that I have taken into consideration and will decide to act upon.

Front cover:

  • Edit inset to remove jagged image
  • Move bottom cover line to match with top
  • Add price tag to barcode


  • Remove full stops
  • Add signature to editorial
  • Edit “the proms” into box

Double page:

  • Potentially bring more life to left image
  • Match position and size of quotation boxes
  • Remove hyphens in article



Feedback on article

Targets for development:

  • Include basic punctuation in few areas
  • Change some words/phrases to fit appropriatley
  • Include more detail into stories

Article Idea Development

This is a brainstorm on which I would like to construct my article upon. I will potentially be adding much more detail when I see fit whilst drafting and will constantly reference this table upon typing the draft. My article will be a mix of an interview with discussions.

Language Analysis

Click on above image to view in more detail

Draft 4 Feedback and Targets

Targets to achieve

Front cover:

  • Move masthead up and left
  • Add inserts and cover lines
  • Reduce quotations on cover

Contents page:

  • Rmove page number overlap
  • Improve depth on contents general appearance

Double page spread:

  • Eclude paragraphs
  • Eit stand first location
  • Ad caption to photo

My Work in Progress

Click on images to view


Draft 3 – the Double Page Spread

Click on image to view

This is my first draft of my double page spread, I was spoken to and given feedback about the following points and will change my image to satisfy the constructive comments. My feedback consisted of text box placement and the lack of content that this page featured including missing page numbers, paragraphs, and an area for my byline to state the author. My masthead appeared slightly underwhelming and unpleasant to look at, also the background also seemed a bit flat and needed some depth to it.


  • Include page numbers
  • Add a stand first
  • Paragraph the text
  • Insert another image to fill up empty space
  • Give better contrast to the masthead
  • Edit opacity on background image

To improve my work I will need to take into consideration the feedback given and develop anything I feel looks out of place for the genre of my classical music magazine.  For now I will focus on visual rather than contextual as I am currently not pleased with how the double page appears. Although i’m not too happy with the current state of my work, it gives me a strong foundation to improve upon and result in what I may create an excellent outcome when referencing my targets.

Click on image to view

Above is my new an improved version of my double page spread. I have made these changed because they compliment the wide space I am given within an A3 region. I have applied each of my targets to create an appealing look and to catch readers eyes. My text was given a theme appropriate background which is more consistent and readable but I have also used inner shadow and drop shadows to add depth to the pages. In photoshop I created a modern yet genre suiting background for my image on the left by using the colour replace tool. I feel my standfirst in the bottom right could have had better positioning to not confuse the reader but this is the only element of my double page spread that I am not overly happy with which can be easily adjusted.


Draft 2 – Contents Page

I presented my contents page to peers and received this feedback:

  • Edit page numbers to look more appealing
  • Add an editorial as this magazine is high class
  • Move the ‘contents’ title to the top and adjust its size
  • Add captions to my images
  • Finally, try to fill in empty areas

My targets will be:

  • To add more depth to my inserts
  • Add an editorial giving a brief insight on the music scene
  • Caption images
  • Adjust general placement of elements

Click the image above to view it.

This is my improved contents page. I have moved the title from the centre to the top as to not cover too large of an area. I improved the general appearance of my text boxes and cut a corner off of the editorial box to not cover too much of my model in the image to the right. These improvements have given an improvement to my contents page as each section complements each other well.

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