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Web Page Draft 1 and Final Draft

Click above to view website

The feedback from our teacher included

  • Add more features to our homepage (call to action)
  • Fill in empty text boxes
  • Make music video play automatically and position it at the top of the page
  • Change the background image from gif to jpg
  • Implement tour dates and venues
  • Brighten the red font as it is too dark
  • Incorporate album cover into all pages

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

Website Previous Students Work

Click on the above image to be taken to the website

Above is the website for a previous students product. The website is presented with a simplistic tone that features a strict theme of colours whilst maintaining a good variation and appeal with its vibrant appearance. However upon beginning to read I had realised that the background lines going across the screen were blending with the black text which left me unable to read and maintain a good pace without scrolling and losing where I was at.

Despite this inconvenience the small paragraph did inform me as to who the group is composed of, how the first appeared, and what kind of music they produce. It would have been nice to experience a link or embed to music in the artists discography but It does a good job of tidily presenting a collection of music produced by the artist. However it is a bit misleading that when you click on  an album it merely presents a larger resolution image rather than linking you to the album itself.

The text areas of the website are bold yet simplistic which suits the indie genre as that is a unique feature it is proud to maintain, the bold letters next to each section are a nice addition as it gives a voice to each area and giving a clear symbol to where you are at on the site. I disagree with the font used in the text areas as it is a serif font which would be used for a more formal website such as an insurance company or that of the sort, the title font is appropriate as it has the identity of a loud yet readable format.

The navigation to the sub menus is fluid and consistent which adds to the flow of the continuous web page but I do not understand the background image being used as it reminds me of something you may find on a business website and really could have been replaced with a more ambiguous image that shows how bold and open the indie genre really is.  Another important area to express the entertainment side is the tour dates and upcoming shows, this website does not include these and I believe it is missing out greatly on putting forward the social interaction the group can have with the audience. The minimalist design of the website allows for easy navigation whilst being able to access pages on demand, the student also made the social media of the group accessible on the side which is an easy way to gain further knowledge on the artist and is politely placed on the website homepage. The media section at the bottom is presented very pleasingly and adds to the aesthetic being portrayed by the genre and artist, each image is very responsive upon clicking and has been implemented extremely well.

In conclusion I am underwhelmed with the final product as to me it feels unfinished and could do with a lot more care and attention. The areas that have been worked on such as site function and the media section were exceptional and I am very pleased with how this product works as a website that is interactive. Although the tone of the genre was being met and it did have some connection between areas there was just a discord between fonts and the background image. Finally, the tour dates and upcoming shows were empty which is a huge portion of a current music artists career seeing as it is the main source of revenue for the performer in this day and age.

Web Page Conventions

Above is my groups analysis of a professional website. This task allows us to expand our knowledge on what makes up a good website and potentially things we should avoid when creating our own.

Website Terminology

This task was necessary in order to produce a website ourselves as it required us to identify the features of a website and allowed us to learn what we will need to include in our product. I chose a well known artist of the genre of music as an example website and have labelled it above.

Digipak Draft 1

Click on the image above to view full pdf.

This is the screencastify which  features feedback on our digipak draft 1.

Targets for improvement:

  • Adapt the front cover design to be louder
  • Remove murky area in centre of front cover
  • Replace background outside of windows with a more appropriate visual
  • Increase visibility on back page
  • Change colour of spine to black

Evaluation of Shoot/Graphic Design

For the graphic design, we were pleased with our first outcome as we had created it on a new program with new features that we were not used to using. This involved understanding the software at a basic level in order to grasp an advanced feature. Although we are pleased with the initial look of the design, it unfortunately came out with a slightly pixelated and looks fairly low quality when zoomed in. This will be improved upon in the next iteration of the front cover design as the problem was to do with lack of knowledge at the time of production.

Our photoshoot involved a location shoot of a burnt down hotel in one of the local areas. We followed our shot list well to obtain specific images our group had thought up of and were happy with some specific photographs. As our genre of rock can be quite grungy and dilapidated, the idea of a burnt down abandoned hotel appealed to us and our brand image. The shots we produced varied from broken glass all the way to the rough texture of the burnt wood which we really liked. However it was a shame that we didn’t end up taking as many images as we had hoped to but were happy with the quality of shots that we did end up taking.

Contact Sheet

Click on the above image to view full contact sheet

This is our contact sheet for the images we photographed. It contains every image we took and allows us to easily pick off images we like the most to add to our shortlist for the digipak. Below is the contact sheet of our shortlist which contains 12 images we liked the most out of our full contact sheet.

Click below to view PDF

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

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Feedback On Mock-up and Targets

The image above is the feedback we received on our mock-up of the digipak we assembled. Our genre was rock which was easily identified by the people who reviewed our draft product, this was pleasing as it shows we understand our genre and are on the right tracks to create an appropriate digipak.  Some fitting words we would apply to our product would be rock, energetic and grungy. Our audience gave us ideas such as symbolic and interactive which apply to the modern symbolism presented in our images. This is what we will aim to fulfill in order to have a correlation between band and music.

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