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Evaluation of Shoot/Graphic Design

For the graphic design, we were pleased with our first outcome as we had created it on a new program with new features that we were not used to using. This involved understanding the software at a basic level in order to grasp an advanced feature. Although we are pleased with the initial look of the design, it unfortunately came out with a slightly pixelated and looks fairly low quality when zoomed in. This will be improved upon in the next iteration of the front cover design as the problem was to do with lack of knowledge at the time of production.

Our photoshoot involved a location shoot of a burnt down hotel in one of the local areas. We followed our shot list well to obtain specific images our group had thought up of and were happy with some specific photographs. As our genre of rock can be quite grungy and dilapidated, the idea of a burnt down abandoned hotel appealed to us and our brand image. The shots we produced varied from broken glass all the way to the rough texture of the burnt wood which we really liked. However it was a shame that we didn’t end up taking as many images as we had hoped to but were happy with the quality of shots that we did end up taking.

Contact Sheet

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This is our contact sheet for the images we photographed. It contains every image we took and allows us to easily pick off images we like the most to add to our shortlist for the digipak. Below is the contact sheet of our shortlist which contains 12 images we liked the most out of our full contact sheet.

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Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

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Digipak Photo Mock-up

This is the mockup for my groups digipak and it has been ordered to represent front cover, inside spread and back cover. My group were looking for a derelict grungy look as It is appropriate to the genre and was suggested by various people we had asked, rock also expresses a lot of emotion which may be shown in the various images such as broken glass associates anger. By creating a mockup, we have a better understanding of what to base our final product on and it gives us direction to reflect what isn’t appealing and also show what works quite well.


Digipak Moodboards

This is the moodboard my group has created for our artist and genre. Rock music features a theme which has been represented by having a dark yet limited number of colours to produce the grungy alternative theme we are attempting to create. with alternative rock, symbolism plays a heavy part which is why we have created many visually engaging images designed to contain a message. We want to give the product an energetic feel yet keep the serious messages constant with the heavy tone of the music.

Digipak Previous Students Work

Digipak Conventions Analysis

This is the genre conventions analysis for an artist similar to own in terms of genre. By analysing an already produced digipak, we are increasing our knowledge on what makes a digipak good, what to stay away from, and what is suitable for our genre.

Music Video Draft 4

Draft 3

Above is the draft 3 of my groups music video.

In this iteration we included a lot more narrative planning for it, we took on earlier comments about how the venues change to quickly and too often so we have reduced that to give a better sense of where the performers are and to limit confusion. A more varied approach also took place so we used similar shots consecutively to give the upbeat feel of the music video whilst not making it appear as a mess.


  • Include close ups of the singer so you can see his mouth
  • Implement all our narrative shots
  • Change some editing so it fits the beat
  • Add close ups of props, (guitar etc.)


New storyboard

Our new storyboard focuses around the theme of the seven deadly sins. The narrative was adapted because our first iteration didn’t really fit together well and didn’t make sense, by remaking the storyboard we have also eliminated many bad attributes such as the story confusing the audience.

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