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Evaluation of Web Design Application

For my group to create a website we used an online website creator called wix. This allowed us to create a website easily whilst offering a range of features ready to use. As it was new to us it took a bit of time to know what is where and it developed our skills on what makes a good website.

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Before creating the website we had a plan of what pages we needed to include, this allowed us to create a navigation bar at the top which is an easy way for the audience to find their way around the website. These take you to landing pages which can include a range of features, on our media tab we included a music player which allows the viewer to listen to the most recent album.

Production Skills Evaluation 3

Upon creating the digipak I used various adobe programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. I had not used illustrator prior to this task so it was a new learning experience that could benefit my product greatly. In the first draft we have created a symmetrical symbol which is inspired from celtic illustrations which was created using mirror drawing in illustrator. This became the front cover of the digipak and could be improved upon greatly by being more bold but for a first attempt it was extremely pleasing to have created a graphic with this tool.

After our front cover was designed we exported it into photoshop to apply the band name somewhere we felt was appropriate. This involved us designing a logo for our band which involved the use of two features new to us which were perspective warp and liquify. By implementing the use of these features we have created a unique identity for our band which stands out and shows creativity. Upon completion of the logo we did run into some problems such as not being able to edit the colour easily which is what we will have to be careful about in the future when designing other graphics. On photoshop I used the pencil tool to sharpen edges and give a 3D effect and I used the colour picker to edit the background gradient without having a murky effect on the colliding colours.



Feedback On Mock-up and Targets

The image above is the feedback we received on our mock-up of the digipak we assembled. Our genre was rock which was easily identified by the people who reviewed our draft product, this was pleasing as it shows we understand our genre and are on the right tracks to create an appropriate digipak.  Some fitting words we would apply to our product would be rock, energetic and grungy. Our audience gave us ideas such as symbolic and interactive which apply to the modern symbolism presented in our images. This is what we will aim to fulfill in order to have a correlation between band and music.

Our Mission Statement

Production Skills Evaluation 2

An experienced media editor came in and gave us some tips that could help in the final edit of our music video. This involved the use of an effect overlay which changes the colour and mood of the video. To do that we first made a new adjustment overlay to apply the effect to the whole video rather than spend hours applying it to every individual clip. By doing this, we also can apply the exact settings to every clip and easily view if it suits the video or not.

After adding the adjustment layer we then searched for a suitable effect to add. We ended up finding a preset we liked and applied it to the whole video, we did play around with other effects just to view how they would appear but most of them didn’t suit very well.

Finally, we clicked on the adjustment layer and changed the variables we had at our disposal to find a fitting appearance, at the moment we are using the stock setting as we found it was much more appealing and pairs well with nearly all clips. By including a deep lighting effect the mood makes the band appear grungier which adds to the mise-en-scene. The narrative appeared more dream like yet the maintained angles on the shot imply a severity and attention required to understand and interpret the shot.

In this task i’ve learnt how to use adjustment layers and the cinematic effects offered by premiere pro.

What went well:

  • Effect suits video
  • All members know how to use the software
  • The effects really add to the video

Even better if:

  • We used a custom setting to suit our needs
  • We applied two or more effects on top of each other
  • We filled in all the gaps in the timeline with footage

Production Skills 1

When working on the second draft of my music video, I had learnt a few features of the program that were new to me. I had never used premiere pro before but I did have a  few transferable skills from software similar to it such as wevideo. When my group were editing draft 2, we all discovered a feature that would benefit our music video and it allows us to show skills we have learnt throughout each draft. In these screenshots, it demonstrates changing the speed of a clip to give it a slow motion effect, this benefits the aesthetic of the narrative as it allows us to express an emotion or thought by simply changing how fast the clip plays. The slow walk of Ollie with the axe dragging behind him implies intimidation or a mysterious aura about him which we wouldn’t understand if it wasn’t in slow motion.

This image shows the speed/duration dialog when we edit the speed of the clip. It is shown as a percentage and also allows us to play the clip in reverse which may look good in certain video situations.

This clip shows us including a text box to notify the current viewer that we have not yet got a shot for this section of the music video, it also is a different colour to indicate it has an effect on it.

This is the effects tab on premiere pro, this allows us to select an effect to add to a clip. We will use this in the future in the final edit of the video to add a new dimension to the narrative and the appearance of the performance.

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