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My Tour Poster

Please click on the poster to view it more clearly

The image I have used in my poster is one that I took myself in a previous post.


My Copy Of A Professional Magazine

I am happy with my recreation as the programs were new to me, I didn’t know how to use many features or where they were located. I definitely could improve upon my recreation but I feel it was a good first try on software I am unfamiliar with.


  • Overall cover looked pleasing
  • Placement of segments matched original
  • Colours were identical


  • Some text lost in lack of colour contrast
  • Shape and look of text could be improved
  • Borders of page miscalculated

These YouTube links would help me in this task


Lick and Stick Mock Up

To reinforce my understanding of the conventional technical design features, I created a lick and stick mock up of what a professional poster looks like. By analysing what is where and why the design features are used I have expanded my knowledge which will able me to create a cover by myself. I noticed that it is very important to design your magazine cover using simplistic methods of just felt pens and post it notes as you have the freedom to choose what you want to be where and nothing is too complicated to redo and change around.

The Camera Talks

The image may be viewed by clicking on it.

This is a mood board of 6 photos I picked out. Images gain a completely different meaning depending on the way they are taken, angles bring life to the image expressing hierarchy, colours bring emotion to the image. Each of these images gives off a different story or situation. I chose these images because they all mean something different to each other, and this is beautiful because it is nothing but a still frame yet it can change an onlookers mood or feeling and is great practise for my personal photography skills.

By experiencing this task and completing it my own way has taught me how important certain skills are within the media. I have now been able to learn and understand  new phrases and techniques which will help with my magazine image.

My favourite shot out of these would have to be the bottom right one. This image uses the rule of thirds in correlation with my models facial expression, by having the main focus on the far right it leaves the whole left open showing that there is more out there to be understood. A slightly canted angle gives that emotion of confusion or sadness as my model is not quite in line or symmetrical with the world. Also, the location of this image really can tell a story, as it is just outside of an empty doorway next to a concrete wall which gives the meaning that he has his mind on something else rather than where he is.


Technical Camera Terms

With a partner I explored the ways in what gives the image its meaning, such as the use of angles and distance to show the features of these aspects. When taking images, distance affects what the audience is able to focus on, a long distance shows a lot more than the main focus which can present isolation as the model is on their own whereas a closeup shot fills the screen with the model and may show importance.

Camera angles aid the production of meaning, a low angle shot makes the model appear more dominant and strong  but on the other hand a higher angle shot of the audience viewing the model from above makes the model look weaker and vulnerable. This creates a hierarchy in the scene which adds to the story or situation.

Depth of field is an important feature as it can be used to tell the story of not only the model, but the onlooker. A distant shot of the model from blurred bushes can represent the photographer as somebody mysterious, much like a private investigator who sticks to the shadows. By blurring parts of the image we are also able to get a much better idea of the main focus of the image.

Image “2107” was the most detailed for me as it included many features that worked well together. The model is placed in the middle of the three thirds which emphasises the focus of the image, this is paired up with depth of field through an object which is blurred out to show that it is insignificant rather than the model who is in focus and is significant to the image. Key lighting important and on the models face there is a shaded but also a light part giving an idea that the model has two sides. One image that didn’t particularly look good is image “2118” as the exposure was far too high as some detail is lost in much of the scenery such as the bushes which makes it hard to analyse.



My image that uses Mise-en-scene meaning

This first image is our representation of what country/western looks like to us. We aimed for quite a rough fatherly look as this is easily shown and is a typical thought when thinking about the country. The class suggested that my character looked quite rough yet laid back due to the strong nature of his clothing and the way he is carrying himself.

This mood board of a country/western setting allowed me and my partner to get a real feel of the genre. A country man is seen to be hard working as they tend to live around open areas and are quite rugged and well built which gives the feeling of a fatherly figure as he is dedicated and protective, whilst being open.

I captured the country feel by looking at famous singers of the genre, and the typical clothing they would wear. The instruments were also an important feature as they are quite earthly and give out a joyous and relaxing noise. A golden/yellow colour scheme is quite a warm and wholesome pallet which really gave me that homely feel and is very comforting.


I took multiple shots of my partner to get a good look at how different perspectives affect the way in which my character may be interpreted. He has been photographed in such a way that his appearance in the contact sheet gives him a stronger feel due to his body language. Lighting is very important for my genre of country as a sharp white look gives out a cold hard feel, and this is wrong. A golden reflector was used to give a warm look and feel with a yellowish tinge to him and the background.

This is the final image I chose because I felt it represented my genre appropriately. My partners body language gives off the expression of confidence and control but it is also a welcoming look as if he is quite protective and not provocative. The use of lighting gave an added effect with the way I have used shadows. There is a mysterious feel as his hat shades the eyes and his clothing is varied in light.






Print Media that Communicates Meaning

This poster stood out to me because it was different in many ways to any other poster I have seen. The simplicity of the black against the white presents an easy way of expressing emotion or feeling and the font shows the uniqueness of the band giving it the idea that it is different to others. Every feature included in the poster has a symbolic meaning, from the masked character in the middle, to the information at the bottom, everything is there for a reason.

My magazine will be influenced by this through the use of my colours as I will pay much more attention to them and I will include key features such as appropriate fonts and objects in the image.

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