December 2

Language Analysis

To help me further understand the contents of  a double page spread, I looked at an article so that I could see the layout, language, and other features that it includes. I chose to look at an article from the September 2017 edition and it is entitled The Rapper and musicians rule’s for life. This article is a top ten tips for life, and it is about the artist that they have interviewed. In this article there is no presence of journalism, this helps the audience to feel that they are speaking directly to the band, and it is not being reported. They feel as though they are listening to the words of the artist directly.  This makes them feel that they are not out of reach and are contactable. It is written 1st person, this makes it more direct and gives the audience more contact with the artist. It also makes it appear to be more reliable and true. In the article there is no clear introduction or conclusion, it is very simple, demonstrating how following his ten tips for life would also make your life simple.

In this article, the star has used very personal, common and informal language. This helps the reader to feel that they are on a level with the star. This gives them the feeling that they are on a pile with each other and that they are not below them. This is important to the audience as it makes them feel that they can associate and are similar to the artist themselves. The tone of the genre is informal, and chatty, this gives the idea of you having a normal conversation with the artist, and they are not out of reach. They have also used quotes for example parts of general conversations that he has had with his team. This makes it seem more personal, and that the reader is getting an insight into their life. After reading this article, the reader feels that they know the artist on a more personal level. It is structured into 10 paragraphs to answer the questions. This makes it easy to read and understand fro the audience.

In this article, the star is represented as approachable, down to earth, and on the same level as everyone else. This makes the audience feel as tough they can relate to the star, and gives them a sense of connection.


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