January 15

A New Improved Contents Page

This is the second draft of my contents page, I have made a lot of changes and added lots of new things since my first draft. I have changed the following so far:

  • The spacing between the lines of text
  • I added in a pale yellow background
  • I added in small pink stars
  • I changed the alignment of the text so it matches and is consistent
  • I added captions for the imagery
  • I added additional photos into star shapes
  • I added in some pink lines as I did on the front cover to keep it consistent

Here is a voice recording of a conversation with a peer where she analysed and thought about my contents page and my front cover also.

The targets I have from her are:

  • Maybe add in something to the background to keep it interesting and busy and it will make the fonts stand out more.
  • Add captions or context into the photos
  • Add more capitals into your captions to keep it consistent and interesting
  • Link the imagery to the specific article
  • Give a border around the imagery to make it stand out

Posted 15th January 2020 by zoecollins in category Music Magazine

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