June 18

Describe your Audience

Before thinking about our audience to much, we first considered these questions to help us to get an understanding of our audience and what they need from the music video.

  • What platform is your production to be accessed on?
    • our production is to be accessed on YouTube mainly.
  • What is the product’s function? (What is it trying to do or achieve?)
    • The purpose of the music video is to not only promote the artist but also the song. It is also to express our message.
  • What genre(s) does your artist typically work in?
    • Indie Pop/Folk Pop

We then started to think about the demographics, psycho-graphics, likes, dislikes, values and other medias related to our target audience. We made this presentation about our ideal audience and addressed all of these features. We made a collection of images to describe our audience, and the way in which they are presented. The way an audience decodes a message relies on lots of things, for example their age, beliefs, culture, gender, generation and mood at the time of viewing. Our research helped us to answer a lot of these questions, our audience are very caring, they have strong beliefs regarding equality and believe strongly in loving who you are. The undertake activities which are beneficial both physically and mentally. There aim in life is to inspire and help others in as many ways as possible. They are mostly female and like to be presented as natural and free.

It is important that we follow Blumler and Katz theory when thinking about our audience as for our video to be successful we would need to address all the points for our video to suit our target audience. This means that we need to address the four Uses and Gratifications that an audience seek from their media, this includes:

  • Information
  • Personal Identity
  • Social Interaction
  • Entertainment

Another important theory for us to consider when making our music video is Stuart Hall Reception Theory. This theory argues that an audience decodes what the producer encodes in a text. However, how they read the text will depend on their:

  • Demographics – age, gender
  • Psychographics – beliefs, politics, religion
  • Cultural competence – their knowledge
  • Circumstances in which they are consuming the media

Both of these theories will be very important when considering our audience for our music video, we must consider all of these factors when we come to producing our music video for it to be successful.

Overall, in all of our research we managed to describe an audience member who our music video would be targeted to. We made sure that we understood what would be needed for the audience to decode the message behind our music video. But also what would enable them to be able to be able to engage with it and ways that we can make it successful.

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