June 19

Star Image Planning

We made a mood board and collated images, articles and posts all related to our artist Colbie Caillat. We looked at the way that she was presented in many areas such as the way she presents herself on social media, to her album covers, to interviews that she is in. We established that she is very loving and caring, this is demonstrated through images of her with children and families. We also decided that she is presented as an equal even though she has this celebrity background. She is very down to earth and ‘normal’. In all the images of her, she is not scene to be extravagantly dressed or made up, she is natural and she is herself. This backs up our idea of being your normal self, and natural. Her own confidence in herself is demonstrated through the pictures of her on the beach. There are also many articles expressing how she has changed and become this confident and happy self, but also how her music has changed. Her album covers are also very natural and not staged. The lighting is soft reflecting her soft personality.

All of these elements help to build her star image and the way that she wants to present herself to her audience and also other audiences globally. It reflects her beliefs, values and personality traits that she wants to reflect in her music and character. It also reflects the music that she is categorized as, as she must demonstrate her style and what her work is and also what it means to her. By doing this research it has helped me to understand the way that Colbie Caillat presents herself in her music video and also other medias as well. When making my music video to her song I will need to consider these elements and the way that they would work with my choice. But also I need to respect the artist and the way that she chooses to present herself and her music, as it needs to be conventional so that it suits the genre and also so that the audience do not reject  it. However at the same my video does also nee to be different and unique so that it does not bore the audience, they need to be engaged and find it interesting for it to be successful.

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