June 23

Visual Shot List for Shoot 1 (Performance)

We then started to look at the shots that were used in the genre of music that our song is from, also the shots in the artists other videos and by similar artists of the same genre. The indie pop/ country genre has conventional shots for the performance in the music videos. The performance reflects the star image, and also their beliefs. Therefore in this genre the artist is represented as very free, grounded and laid back, they are also represented to be in touch with nature demonstrating the indie pop/country genre.

Indie Pop/Country music videos usually have a mixture of varying shots in length. They are also edited to the music so you have longer, slower shots when the pace of the music is slower. As many of the songs are quite slow and have a slower beat then generally shot length times are longer. They also often feature slow motion to demonstrate the timeless feeling connected to nature. When the pace picks up slightly, normally in the chorus the pace of edit develops and gets faster with shorter shot lengths.

Below I have made a padlet, this demonstrates the types of shots used by the artist, similar artists or artists in the same genre and their purpose in the music video. I have added an example from one of the videos as to how this feature is used and the way in which it impacts on the video and the star image. I have commented on its purpose and importance in that part of the video.

It is important for me to understand the conventions of the genre, for my music video to be successful. It needs to follow the conventions of music videos from this genre so that the audience can understand and also that they do not reject it. If the video steers too far away from the conventions and what the audience expect the video to be then they can begin to reject it as it is not what they think that it should be. It needs to follow the repertoire of elements of that are conventional in the genre for example props, settings and narratives. I need to follow these so that it fits into the genre but it also needs to be slightly different and unique and steer away so that it is different and exciting for the audience to engage with.

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