July 9

Music Video Draft 1 – Rough Cut

Here is the first draft of our music video. In this draft, I ended up using my test shoot as the beginning footage for my video. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, my group were unable to film the second performance shoot. Therefore, I ended up using the test shoot footage in this edit. Whilst the video isn’t edited or filmed exactly the way that my group originally planned, we have lots of time to continue working on it and also to film more footage for the video.

Self Assessment

I think that this draft of my video went as well as possible under the circumstances. I think that the paparazzi element works really well with the use of black and white, editing to the beat and effects added. Overall, I think that I had some really good shots from the performance shoot. We tried really hard to get some interesting angles and a variety of shots, and I think that it adds the narrative to the video and also makes it more exciting. I am quite happy with the way that the second half of the video went, and I think that there is quite a lot of work to be done on the beginning element of this edit, and once I have filmed the new footage I think that I can improve on this significantly. I also think that some of the lip sync is slightly off and I think that I can improve this in my next drat when I have more time to complete it.


  • I need to film the second part of my music video, so that I have the beginning footage for the performance section, when possible.
  • I need to adjust some of the clips as the lip syncing in some is not quite exact.
  • I need to work on the effects and editing, to make my video more exciting.

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