September 23

Teacher Feedback – screen castify

Our teacher completed a screencastify after watching our music video with some suggestions for us on how to improve but also what he liked and he thought worked well.

What went well:

  • Good footage in focus and well lit
  • Lip Sync is perfect
  • The narrative is clear
  • Great make up/hair and use of mirror as props
  • Lovely close up angles e.g. high angle and ECU of eyes
  • Editing to the beat with blinking works well
  • Great sequence of them taking make up off and letting hair down
  • Like the comparisons towards the end
  • Good use of black and white
  • Like the split screen

He also gave us some ways that he felt that we could improve. These were even more important as it helped us to make specific areas and the video as a whole even better. We valued his feedback and wanted to improve our music video as much as we could.


  • Possibly make the true taking off of make up and hair later- this happens quite towards the start, you could include even more shots of your stars with the make up before they take it off.
  • Switch the clips at the beginning so it starts with a close up of the star.
  • Possibly make some of the shots a bit quicker to add slightly more variety.
  • Switch the sequence of Anya at 2:16 to a mid shot going into a close up.
  • The lens flare near the end is a bit bright and random.
  • Lovely ending but maybe make it longer to drag out the emotion.

Overall I agree with his feedback. I think that by making these changes we can make our narrative and reflection of star image stronger overall. This will make the meaning even more clear for the audience and will impact on the viewer.

September 21

Music Video Draft 2

Here is the second draft of our music video, this is where we began to add in our narrative shots. It worked well, and we were happy with how this draft went, but we still feel that we have much more to achieve and grow with.

Self assessment

  • I felt that our narrative links well with our performance shoot, I think that they work well together and that it is fluent.
  • I think that our narrative idea works well, and that is it clear and easy for the audience to understand and follow.
  • I think that our editing so far e.g. shot length etc all work well and is successful.
  • Our lip sync worked well and was very in time.

Targets for Improvement

  • I think that we can use the skills that we learnt from Lenny to improve our video even more, we can use more techniques to suggest our narrative even more and influence the way that the audience sees it so that it is even more clear.
  • By adding more complex levels to our editing I think that we can elaborate and give our video an even deeper meaning which in turn will give the audience a more meaningful response.
  • I think that we can colour correct some of our shots for even more impact.

Overall thoughts

Overall I am really happy with the video that me and Paige have produced. I think that we still have many areas that we can focus on in the editing to make our video even better. But at the moment I am really happy with how well we have done. we ar eon track with where we need ot be, and have plenty of time to experiment with editing and colour before completing our final draft for our music video.


September 18

Specsavers Feedback

Summary of feedback and targets (bullet pointed) List new technical / creative ideas YouTube tutorials that might help

We had some members of the Specsavers team come in and give us feedback on what we had done so far with our music videos, and they spent some time teaching us skills that could help us. Lenny, who works with Adobe Premier Pro and is professionally trained in this software gave us feedback on our video and he helped us a lot. He was very positive about what we had done so far and he liked our idea and edit so far.

He taught us many things, here are an example of some of them that have been most useful to us in our editing.

  • ADJUSTMENT LAYERS- we learnt about how to use an adjustment layer to apply edits to colouring etc to a selection of clips not just working one at a time.
  • GRADIENT OPACITY- he also showed us how to use key frames to bring the filter that we had made onto our videos gradually so that there is a subtle change across the whole video developing the star into this perfected image.
  • CURVES- he also showed us how to use curves to edit our colouring to create a Instagram filter effect. We used this by adding more blue into the shadows of our shots.
  • NESTING- he also taught us about nesting and how we can use this to add in multiple adjustment layers to our work.

Overall his feedback and the skills that he taught us were invaluable to us as we continue to develop our video and add more complexity in the editing. Here are some YouTube videos about what Lenny explained to us that we have re watched for reference.

September 14

Shoot 2 Reflection (Narrative)

Overall I felt that our narrative shoot went really well. I was really happy with the way that it went. My team worked well as a group and we got all of the shots that we felt that we needed. We had planned our shoot well and had everything that we needed for our shoot to be successful. I think that the makeup look that we did worked really well to go with our narrative.  I also think that the costuming and hair worked well too.

What could we have improved on?

  • Some of our shots were slightly out of focus- however we filmed plenty of footage so we have a lot to work with.
  • Some of our handheld shots were a bit shaky

What went well?

  • The make up and hair went really well.
  • Our angling- we managed to get some really interesting angles in our footage.
  • We filmed a lot and have plenty of footage to work with.
  • Our lighting was very strong as we used the soft boxes.
September 7

Video Narrative Story/Shot sheets



We planned out our shoot by making these scene story boards. We looked at each scene or stage of our music video, and what we were trying to achieve in this shoot. We established the message in the shoot, and therefore what shots we would need to make this happen. We looked into the impact that not only the shots but the message would have on people. The shots needed to intimate and close, we wanted to demonstrate the person feeling uncomfortable. This close up, awkward, unwanted angle would help to exaggerate this feeling of not wanting to be filmed. They feel uncomfortable, exposed and judged when they have no makeup on, even though they want to be seen like their true self, society and the media teaches them that this is wrong. The filming and shots captured are very personal to the individual, it is their true self, the way that they see themselves every morning when the wake up. It highlights how society/the media ha taught that this is wrong and made it feel wrong. For the audience, in a music video they are used to seeing all of the people highly made up. Therefore this is unusual and different. It isn’t following the conventions of any music video. This highlights how the media and the concept of star image has a big effect on people. We outlines this in the shots that we were going to use such as close ups.

September 7

Narrative Development

Next we began working on our narrative plan and getting ready to film it. We completed the Step Outline document, where we looked at our narrative in more depth and focused on what we were trying to achieve and how we could do that. We planned out our mise en scene as a group, and looked at our message and what our narrative and our music video as a whole is trying to convey to the audience.

July 9

Music Video Draft 1 – Rough Cut

Here is the first draft of our music video. In this draft, I ended up using my test shoot as the beginning footage for my video. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, my group were unable to film the second performance shoot. Therefore, I ended up using the test shoot footage in this edit. Whilst the video isn’t edited or filmed exactly the way that my group originally planned, we have lots of time to continue working on it and also to film more footage for the video.

Self Assessment

I think that this draft of my video went as well as possible under the circumstances. I think that the paparazzi element works really well with the use of black and white, editing to the beat and effects added. Overall, I think that I had some really good shots from the performance shoot. We tried really hard to get some interesting angles and a variety of shots, and I think that it adds the narrative to the video and also makes it more exciting. I am quite happy with the way that the second half of the video went, and I think that there is quite a lot of work to be done on the beginning element of this edit, and once I have filmed the new footage I think that I can improve on this significantly. I also think that some of the lip sync is slightly off and I think that I can improve this in my next drat when I have more time to complete it.


  • I need to film the second part of my music video, so that I have the beginning footage for the performance section, when possible.
  • I need to adjust some of the clips as the lip syncing in some is not quite exact.
  • I need to work on the effects and editing, to make my video more exciting.
July 1

Shoot 1 Reflection (Performance)

We completed the first part of our performance shoot, and it went very well. This shoot was for the end section of the video where the star begin to be built up. We had a variety of shots as the make up began top build up more, this exaggerated the idea that the star must present herself in a specific way to be accepted and valued by the audience watching her video. We managed to obtain the shots that we required for our music video. We achieved a variety of shots including: close ups, extreme close ups, mid shots and aerial shots. Overall the shoot was successful and I think that our Mise En Scene and camera techniques were all effective and worked well.

What went well?

  • The Mise En Scene worked really well with our narrative
  • The make up in particular worked really well with the lighting
  • We got a variety of shots using different techniques
  • Our model knew the words and could sing it well
  • We used the lighting well so our shots were very well lit
  • We focused the camera well so all of our shots were in focus
  • We conveyed the star image and our narrative well in this section

The targets we set ourselves for our next shoot is:

  • to achieve a variety of different shots to use and using different techniques to achieve exciting and interesting shots.
  • to use Mise En Scene effectively to convey the narrative
  • Edit to the beat in our editing
  • Use different paces of edit to keep it interesting
  • Ensure the camera is in focus so the shots are clear