March 23

Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise


Here is the video that I have edited a sequence together using the footage from our day filming in the green screen studio. I synced the song to the video clips as well as i could, and used a variety of different angles and shots. The lip sync is very important for the image of the star as it highlights the visual of the star and how they choose to be represented.

What went well?

  • I think that the performers knew the song and interpreted it well.
  • We had lots of footage for me to be able to cut between.
  • The performers were able to see the words if they were unsure.
  • I made the music syncs to the clips

What didn’t go so well?

  • In a lot of the footage the performers were very static, this didn’t make it very engaging.
  • The song is quite repetitive, this caused a lack of energy in the performers.
  • It was not that much of an up beat song, so there wasn’t much dancing.
  • I could have used more interesting transitions.

When making my own music video, I can firstly use the experience that I gained from this activity, and all the knowledge I learnt about filing, editing and making a music video. I can also think about then aspects in this clip that maybe didn’t work so well, and were not as successful, as this will help me when making my music video to improve and make it of a higher quality.

March 3

Prelim Task Mood Montage

To prepare to begin making our music video, we were tasked with making a short montage. This would help us in many ways before we would film our music videos. Firstly we could learn technique and idea of filming but also practice with planning, preparation and technical terms. ForĀ  our montage, my group chose the idea of there is no place like home. In the montage we want to demonstrate how being at home is relaxing and you feel comfortable and safe. Here is an image of my story board that I made with my group in preparation for our montage. On each post it note we wrote down the type of shot, what would feature in the shot and what we are demonstrating. By writing our notes on post it notes, we could then move them around and rearrange them into the right place. We also included a drawing to demonstrate what we were trying to achieve, so that we could reference this when filming.


Here is our final montage, we added in transitions, graphics and music after we edited our sequence together using Premier Pro. Overall I think that our montage works well, we have used a variety of shots and tried to convey our message. Overall, I think our message could have been conveyed further if we did not complete it at school, as some of the shots the do not convey a home environment. I learnt a lot from making this montage including how to use Premier Pro, editing skills, and composing a video. I also learnt how to export it to YouTube as well.

I think that our montage clearly demonstrates our concept of ‘There’s no place like home’. I think that it gives the audience a comfortable and homely impact. It highlights the characters to be relaxed and content, it creates a comfortable environment. It also tells the story of the two people arriving home after work. The mid shots where she is drinking her cup of tea and it cuts from her outside to her inside (18-20 seconds), clearly demonstrates how she is inside and at home. The cut in this sequence highlights how she is comfortable, warm and happy inside. We have reflected the experience well of coming home from work/school and being able to relax at home. I think we could have used an additional shot of the person going to bed, as this would further highlight the full process of their evening and the way in which they relax until they go to bed comfortable in their own home.


This task has helped me to begin to develop my skills and understand Premier Pro. It also gave me experience with filming, editing, the planning process and uploading my work. I can use these techniques and skills that I have learnt when making my music video, and can continue to improve and develop my skills.