The Music Industry Task 1

As our first task for this topic we were asked to watch this short documentary and answer the following questions;


    1. Who owns the music in a traditional record deal?
      The record label
    2. How many major labels are there and what percentage of western music do they own?
      Three labels own over half of western music
    3. Which is the biggest label?
    4. According to Nick Raphael (Capitol Records) is the most important job of a record label?
      To find talent and repertoire
    5. Why do artists feel that traditional music contracts are unfair?
      They’re heavily weighted towards the companies
    6. What did Radiohead do that disrupted the music industry once they were released from their contract with EMI?
      They released an album online themselves and allowed fans to pay whatever they
    7. What does Kobalt do for well known artists such as Snow Patrol?
      They allow the artists to retain the rights to the music
    8. What services is it now offering new and upcoming artists?
      To create and release music under a label without sacrificing your rights to the
    9. What is the major label’s best defense against Kobalt?
      They can’t offer as much development and growth for smaller artists
    10. Why is the major labels’ back catalogue so important?
      It creates the income that allows them to continue finding and creating new artists
    11. How are new artists now emerging without the help of a record label?
      Through social media platforms
    12. In what way are fans powerful in promoting artists?
      They repost music and share it in the same way as a label might without costing
    13. How is the record contract signed by Jacob Whiteside & BMG different from traditional deals?
      Jacob retains all rights to the music

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