Before we start to focus on Postmodernism for the rest of the term, we need to focus on some admin bits and pieces and ensure the mock essays were a useful exercise.    Let’s clear the decks and get on with Postmodernism with an open and hungry mind.

This week you will need to:


  • Ensure your problem areas on the blog are sorted i.e. a few of the attachments don’t open etc. See Mrs Cobb to check.
  • Check your slideshares fit on the scrolls!
  • Check that all attached PDFS made on google or any GOOGLE DOCS embedded are SHARED TO THE WORLD.
  • Check jpegs have pdfs attached so that the examiner can see them clearly.
  • Brand the blog – if not already done so.
  • Sort your folder so that you can make room for all the new stuff on Postmodernism and start to collate your worksheets/essays on Skills and Concepts.
  • Read the blog post on POMO over the weekend.


  • Then as a group divide the following tasks up for THE GREGSONS so that they can all be completed. Instructions on the blog for the P Drive folder filing.


We will kick off Postmodernism at the end of this week, so make sure you read the introductory post over the weekend. Get your theoretical and critical perspective juices flowing. Turn over a new leaf and now focus on making the most of the remaining few weeks to make sure you get the grade you deserve and want.

It will be fun – promise!

Nominations for the Gregsons 2018

As you know we will be holding our annual awards ceremony for AS & A2 Media Studies students on Tuesday 13th March at The Performing Arts Centre, starting at 7.00. You will all receive and invitation for yourself and a +1.

All the music videos will be entered for one category, such as cinematography, post production, production design…There will also be an overall Music Video of the Year, into which you will all be entered. We are really pleased that guests from Specsavers, Blue Diamond, Guernsey Press will be along to present some of the awards.

As we introduce the categories and nominees we would like to play a 30 – 40 second clip from your music video.

The winner in each category will have the music video played in its entirety.

To this end, we need you to put your production work into the P Drive:

Year 13 Media Students

  1. Create a 30-40 second section for the nomination. File name = ‘<Song Name>, Extract’
    • To do this, use the work space marker at the top of the sequence to select your chosen section. When you go to export, make sure you select ‘Work space’ as opposed to ‘Entire Sequence’
  2. The whole video. File name = ‘Song Name’.
  3. A PDF and Jpeg of your Digipack Panes & Advert. File Name = ‘Song Name’.
    1. There are separate folders in the P Drive for Digipacks and Adverts

Mock Preparation

You will have 1 hr to write responses to section 1a – Skills and section 1b – Concepts:  Allow 5 minutes for planning and 25 minutes to write.  There are 25 marks available for each answer and you should focus on using the TEAS structure.

You need to double check when your Media exam is.

The mock Concept question will be on AUDIENCE.

  • You need to ensure you understand Hall (Audience) and also include Barthes (Media Language which encodes meaning for an audience) and probably reference to Genre (Expectations and Predictable Please) and even Dyer (Star Image).
    • Remember the exam is not on the theorists; you should only use them to explore the impact of the concept on specific examples from your text!
  • Ensure you know which product you are going to dissect in reference to Audience.
  • Ensure you have a good definition of what you understand Audience to be.
  • Examiners’ report:
  • Theorist’s Booklet
  • Suggested Essay Structure
  • See Classroom or use this and take a copy of a template that you can fill in and help you streamline your examples and the terms you should be using in conjunction with the examples.
  • Exemplar

The mock Skills question be on RESEARCH AND PLANNING.

  • Use your skills template stories and prepare at least 4 skills stories that show progression. Use your Skills Template in classroom.
    • Remember to keep to the R&P stage.
  • Refine a good definition of what you understand R&P to be, its function and a short list of the kind of RP you did.
    • Then get stuck in to @ 4 different skills stories about skills you employed in the RP stage of the process.
  • Feedback caveat from examiners report: *The Examiner is keen to point out that Conventions research should be kept to a minimum in RP as Conventions has its own section in 1a. However, if you do mention it, you must focus on the ways you researched texts and the effect the results had on your product.
  • Examiners’ report.
  • Suggested structure
  • Exemplar


Remember, we expect to see you in school next Friday if your evaluation questions and blog are incomplete. We start moderating over half-term.


WELL DONE!  You are nearly there and you have all been working incredibly hard. The videos and drafts of the Digipaks/Adverts are looking good.  Mr Gregson and I know that it is a stressful time of year and a lot is being asked of you.  If we have been nagging and chasing you, it is only that we want you to complete your products in good time so that further stress is not stockpiled for later in the year.  It may be that you will need to be spending lunchtimes and after school this week just making sure it is all done and dusted – you all deserve a good break.

However, you must get all your products completed by Friday.  That means ON YOUR HOME PAGE there will be:


On the final two days of term, you can make sure you  have documents, screen shots etc loaded onto your drive so that you can catch up on blogging over Xmas.  We will not be setting you an essay, but expect the blog to be more or less up to date before the start of next term.


We will be working on the 4 Evaluation questions, that are detailed and involved so there will be no time to return to blogging in class. It is in your own best interests to get as much of it up to date before then.

The other issue you must be aware of, is that after January we will be moving to Room 73 as the desktops are to be used by other students, so there really will be no more opportunity to use the Adobe creative suite.



Draft 2 for Friday – last minute advice

Remember, by Friday we would like a draft on your blog that has both narrative and performance in so that we can give you some detailed feedback.

You can carry on filming over half term for any missing shots you know you have but once we are back after half-term, all lessons will be devoted to the Digipak and Advert design. You can keep editing, fine tuning and do any last minute pick-up shots but it will all have to be in your own time.  You also have all day on the Monday 30th October as this is an INSET day and the rooms will be open for you to edit. You may have to negotiate terminals with other groups.

We will also  be doing many of the essays next term so you need to clear the decks. One of the essays is being set this week.

We are harrying you for your own good. The light, the weather and the motivation will quickly disappear next half term. It is in your own interests that you work your socks off this week to break the back of the filming and editing. It will also mean that there is a draft video on your blog that we could enter for moderation if you then broke your arm!

Good luck. We know you can do it.
Mr G and Mrs C


Interesting in a career in Advertising, Marketing or Creative Media Production?

Then you need to go to the Big Think!

There will be a presentation by Adie de Putron from The Big Think this Thursday 5th October at lunch time. She will be in room 73 at 1.00 pm to introduce the event and show you how to apply, places are limited, so hurry and get your application in.

Here is her presentation.

Test Shoots/Concept testing

I took a walk around Perelle and came across some intriguing and interesting locations/backdrops/settings. You need to do that too this week and weekend to make sure your ideas are ‘doable’ and you need to prove it to your teacher.

Take some tests shots too of tricky concepts that you have i.e. underwater? Sounds great but in reality is very hard to do so make sure you can do it and you understand the complexities of it (remember to risk assess this in advance with your teacher and make sure there is a qualified lifeguard on hand).

Do you want certain special FX – can you use After FX to help you? You must be able to prove it to the teacher before you embark any further on your idea.  This will all save you a lot of time further down the line if your ideas then don’t come up as practical.

Media Shoots – Health & Safety

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This year our students are making music videos. Last academic year the Media Studies department organised a filming day, this year the students are responsible for planning and coordinating their own video shoots.

As part of any out of school activity students need to be aware of the risks and put in measures to mitigate those. As parents and guardians it is essential that you are aware of their planned shoots, so that you can be involved in the risk assessment process and are aware of our departmental policy regarding risk assessment. That policy is laid out in this letter:

Risk Assess Health and Safety Letter

Our generic risk assessment form is below. This is provided, so as to make you aware about the ground rules, our expectations and any sanctions we may put in place if the rules aren’t followed.

Generic Risk Assessment for Parents

Furthermore will be require students to complete a site specific risk assessment, which must be discussed with teacher prior to any agreement to shoot being given. We would also like an email confirmation from you to inform us that you are aware and that your consent is given. This site specific form is below:

Filming Risk Assessment

We have sent paper copies of the first two documents home with each of the students, we  require a parental signature before we can permit shooting during school hours.

Thanks for you continued support,

Ed Gregson & Jess Cobb

MV- setting up your Dummy Mash Up Project


  1.  You will edit your section in groups  – so effectively creating 2 versions of your section. You will choose which one is the best for the final overall mash up.
  2. Create a D Drive folder for you and your partner, e.g: ‘DMU Indie Jess and John’
  3. Import the footage. See attached instructions in case you have forgotten.
  4. Create an MP3 of your song using convert to MP3 from YouTube
  5. Rename the clips in your D drive folder before importing into  Adobe.
  6. Open a new project in Premiere. See the attached instructions in case you have forgotten.
  7. You need to import the MP3 from the D drive.
  8. Then cut the MP3 down to your particular section and get editing.
  9. Save and export as an orange cone and then place in the folder in the P Drive – Media Studies – DMU 2017 – Label the sections clearly – indie, pop, female etc and your class number and initials. We will then edit all the sections together and export to YouTube for uploading to your blog.



MV – possible locations around school – Dummy Mash Up

You can see if the drama studio or lecture theatre are free but keep it simple.

IMG_3501IMG_3502 IMG_3507 IMG_3508 IMG_3509 IMG_3511 IMG_3514 IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3521 IMG_3522

Do not over complicate the filming.

Get the right MES (costumes), film the performance in a variety of ways – get the performer to sing and film in close up – get the performer to sing again and this time film it in long shot – get the performer to sing again and this time film in mid shot – get the performer to sing again and use some movement/angles.  Then change MES and locations if you want.

Use 2 cameras at any one shoot so that you can double up during performances.

You will then have several different sequences to cut between. SIMPLES!

PROPS – use upturned bins for drums……blow up guitars……electronic keyboards for pianos. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE FILMING!

You only have 1 lesson to get your performer dressed, rehearsed and filmed. You need to be organised.

Sometimes LESS IS MORE!