My Media Diet

My Media Collage


My media collage displays the various different type of media which I consume, different types of media are used for various uses and gratification such as forms of entertainment, information, social interaction or personal identity.

My music taste, for example, displays my personal identity due to my preferred genre being important and personal to me. On the other hand I am a prosumer of media forms like Snapchat and Instagram as I interact with them, using them for social interaction and almost like a substitute for real life interactions. When I am looking for a source of entertainment or an informative media type there are media platforms dedicated to these for example I consume Netflix to watch Money Heist as a form of aesthetic pleasure but do not contribute to this media source.

The idea of Blumler and Katz is reflected here as they introduced the idea that people can see the same message in different ways therefore, linking with how media is used in different ways by everyone. I did this media collage to show which forms of media I consume/prosume and to demonstrate how it is personal to me. This will help me when producing my music magazine as I now know what people look for when using media and how my magazine needs to have a purpose, for example to entertain or inform, as-well as having a target audience.

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