Deconstruction Of Tour Poster


This is my deconstruction of Justin Bieber’s tour poster, focusing on how the producer has used colour, font, emotion, body language etc. to display a certain image/meaning to the audience. When making this tour poster the producer would have had to think about the main target audience of Justin Biebers fans and use language suited to that age group. It is also important that all of the necessary information is on the poster, in this case it is advertising his upcoming world tour therefore the tour dates and locations need to be clear. The finest details can also be analysed such as the fact that grain has been used over this image to possibly take the centre focus away from the details on Justin Bieber and put more emphasis on the writing and colours used.

Focusing Forward

This will be useful for me to be able analyze the importance of little details so that when I produce my own music magazine I am aware of the importance of these elements in order to create a aesthetically pleasing poster. The main objective of the poster needs to be clear to the reader as-well as the images/language being appropriate for the target audience. The details within a poster are very important for example the facial emotions Justin Bieber is displaying in his image portrays a very confident image whereas if he was facing the camera it would give off a very different message.

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