The Camera Talks


This collage of images shows us experimenting with different camera-shots, we linked our work on mine-en-scene with the use of different camera angles to create very contrasting images. This Is important as you can show even more through an image by using the correct camera angle. Some examples of different shots we tried out are-

  • longshot
  • low-angle shot
  • high-angle shot
  • close-up
  • extreme close-up
  • mid-shot
  • two-shot

For example to show an individuals emotion we found that you could use a close-up shot in order to capture all of the details from their facial expression whereas if you were trying to get across the idea of someone being powerful you can use a low-angle shot to make the individual look higher up and bigger than the audience watching. Choosing the correct camera shot can make an image a lot more powerful and successful at getting your desired message across.

This is going to be very important when we are creating out music magazines as not only do we need to think about the appearance of our model (costume, makeup, facial expression) but also which camera shot suits out image the best. You need both mine-en-scene and the correct camera-shot to create a narrative to your audience therefore it is important that we link both of these techniques when creating the perfect shot. Therefore, when creating my front cover for my music magazine I will make sure to focus on using both of these elements to ensure that my image portrays its chosen genre as well as giving an insight into what else is within the magazine.

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