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This is my first draft for my contents page of my music magazine, I am please with it although there are a few details I would like to add or change for my final contents page like maybe add some more coloured text to stand out rather than just using black & white type faces. I would also like to add a small detail of having my magazine masthead branding somewhere small on the cover page to carry the branding of my magazine on through. I am pleased with the visual aspects of my contents page as it is interesting and I have focused on attraction and entertainment when designing my contents page. I also remembered to think about AIDA when designing – Attractive, interesting, desire, call to action.


What type of shots have been used to create a variety of shot distances and how has the camera been used to communicate meaning?

In Abi’s contents page I can see that she has used both long and mid shot images as her background and  cover star. This attracts the audience because you are able to see the main star which is what the audience wants to see.  

What choice of Mise en scene is appropriate for the star image and genre?

The choice of Mise en scene used for her models relate well to the genre of EDM, this is because they are wearing festival type clothing, which goes well with her theme.  They are also positioned in a confident, bold stance which helps the audience to engage and relate with the stars. 

What technical conventions of a Contents page are present and used effectively?  

Abi has included numbered categories which is what is needed to guide the reader around the magazine, she has also used a colour theme which relates to her chosen genre. Abi has also made sure to include typefaces and the correct fonts which help to make it stand out. 

How has Indesign been used to layout the page to convey a brand

She has used InDesign to help connect from her front cover to her contents page nicely, she has also included the same colour theme and made sure to edit her pictures through this software. 

How well have the text and visuals been integrated together?

She has used a font and language which connects with the audience well, she has kept the costumes ordinary but extraordinary at the same time,  The text and costumes work together without clashing.

Where has photoshop been used to manipulate the photos to enhance the star image or genre? 

Photoshop has helped her to create an extraordinary effect as she has used the tools on the software to edit their appearance slightly.  She was also able to create her background as well as editing her models’ features. 

 How is the language used appropriate for the genre and target audience?

The language she has used is appropriate for her audience as it will engage and attract. She has used different colours on the key features of her headlines, aswell as it being catchy and relevant. 

5 targets

  • make the text bold to stand out more
  • cut Megan out and put on a different background
  • add different coloured text as it is all black & white
  • add brand image
  • include more visual images


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