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Billboard magazine (june 20, 2015), Hudson Mohawake – HudMo’s Genre-less genius

This article is reviewing a new album from Hudson Mohawake, the Scottish producer. The journalist, Meaghan Garvey, has written in third person. He initially looks into Hudson’s history and his childhood dreams speaking about how he would never expect to do the collab which he just landed, this makes the produced seem extraordinary as he has exceeded his dreams working with top artists. This gives some background context for his article and works as an alternative introduction to the article to hook the audience making them want to read on to see whether he did fulfil his dreams.

The headline for this article is also catchy as It is a play on words with Hudson Mohawke’s name. This will draw the attention of EDM fans and Mohawke’s fans.

This article is a review as it is written from the journalist’s perspective giving his opinion on Mohawake’s work therefore is not factual. It is laid out as an essay formatted article rather than structured paragraphs or bullet points. Therefore this article would be of more interest and more suitable to the fans of this producer who are interested in his work and want a detailed read on his new releases rather than the younger generation who would potentially prefer Q&A formatted articles which are more separated and easy to read. 

Due to the journalist writing in third person, this article is not an interview therefore he is writing from his perspective so you are aware of his presence throughout the read. The impact of this is it results in a detailed article with opinionated details giving the article a personal feeling. Although there is no clear introduction and conclusion to this article, I think it is beneficial as it keeps the article short and sweet and jumps straight into the point. 

This article is written quite detailed using language linked with the music and review industry so therefore may not be an easy read for everyone, the journalist has used a few embedded quotes within the article which makes it of a high standard. 

Reading this article the reader will gain a  better understanding in the world of music producers and the latest news on Hudson Mohawake therefore it is informative but also entertaining. 

Overall I think that the journalist represents the producer positively giving a good opinion on Mohawake and his past as well as upcoming career. 


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