Contact sheets 2

Ordinary photoshoot


These are my ordinary images which I took in different locations outside. The purpose of these images is to allow the audience to relate with the model by looking at them in ordinary places. I am happy with how these images turned out and got photos in a lot of different places to give me different options which I can then edit using photoshop.

These are my favourite images from my ordinary shoot as I think they really help my future audience to relate with the star in the photos due to them not being extra-ordinary images. The photo on the yellow mini is in a normal carpark which normalises the star. Although for this image I would cut out the model and the mini and place onto a new background as the car park background takes away from the model image.

Funky photoshoot

These are my ‘funky photos’ which makes the model seem extra ordinary compared to my ordinary photos. For these images I used a CD to create a colourful reflection on my models face. I did this by shining a light onto the CD to create the reflection, as you can see by the contact sheets there was a lot of trial and error before I got some images which really worked. I am really pleased with how these came out as the colour shows up better than expected and makes what could be a boring image more exciting.

These are my favourite two images from this shoot due to the colourful reflection and you can also see the makeup on my model (gems) which was important to me as these shots were quite close up and therefore don’t show a lot of my models costume so it was important that these images captured the gems and chain on my model.

I  think these images make my model seem ‘extra-ordinary’ by something so simple compared to my ‘normal’ photoshoot of Lani outside which makes the model seem more ‘ordinary’. It is important to have both extraordinary and ordinary photos within a magazine as it allows the readers to relate to the model swell as look up to them.

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