Double Page Spread Draft 1

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This is my first draft for my double page spread. I am pleased overall with how it has turned out although I am aware of a few changes I need to make in my second draft.

My main feature on my double page spread is my ‘funky photo’ image which I used a CD to make a colourful reflection on the models face. I then edited the image to enhance the colour and I am really please with how it turned out, I also wanted a dark background to go with the image as a colourful background may have taken away from the image.

5 things I like –

  • I really like how my main image turned out from this shoot as I think the colorful reflection will really catch the readers eye
  • I am pleased with my background, i went for a dark background with white text to allow the model’s image to pop more
  • I also like the neon circular details i added onto the background to make it less plain

5 things I would like to change in my second draft-

  • I am aware that my header overlaps in the fold of the magazine which may cut off some of the title when folded
  • I need to add text directing the reader to where they can continue reading the article as the whole article is not on the page
  • I would like to continue the circular designs onto the other half of the dps so that they follow on
  • I need to add details such as the author of the article (me) which is a common feature on a dps.

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