Front Cover Draft 2

what’s new?

  • in this draft I changed my background to a plain colour as I think the gradient made it look to busy and too many colours would have attracted a younger audience whereas my genre, EDM, will attract an older audience
  • I also changed some of the typefaces and colours on the fonts, such as ‘Join Forces’ to make them more aesthetic
  • Another feature which I had missed in my first draft was the price which I have now added in the top left.
  • I also added a strike to some of the cover lines to make them seem of more importance

what’s next?

  • I am still not 100% sure on the background so am going to try out some background using the effects on photoshop
  • I also may add some more cover lines to make the front cover slightly more busy
  • I am going to play around with different type faces for the cover lines as I have used this simplistic bold font quite a lot

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