Contents Page Draft 2

what’s new…

  • I changed quite a lot after my first draft as I wasn’t happy with the overall aesthetic. The main thing I changed was the background, I had a pink translucent layer over my image on the first draft which I got rid of for the second draft and also moved around the page numbers and headlines to expose the models face.
  • I also changes the image in the bottom left which I cut out and I am pleased which this as it bring another model into my magazine giving my readers another insight of what to expect throughout my magazine
  • I also spent time lining up all of my headings as they were out of line. and looked messy
  • I then added details into my contents page such as the ‘overload’ logo and a reference to my models who are ‘B2B’
  • another detailed I added was a white strike to the right hand numbers to make them stand out from the dark background

What’s next…

  • I realised after saving this that I have left a line In under the contents heading which I need to remove. (silly mistake)
  • I am still not 100% sure about the layout and text colours etc as not sure if the white typeface blends into the background too much
  • the social media details are also quite hard to read as the type face is very small so I may try add a background to make the text stand out from the model
  • I might replace the pink line details with something else as I also used this on my double page spread and don’t want a theme to be continued from th4e contents to the dps
  • another comment I was given was about linking the two rows of contents more as the right side has a translucent pink block heading them but the left doesn’t and therefore they feel slightly separate


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