Double Page Spread Draft 2

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This is my second draft for my double page spread, I didn’t change that much in this draft but I did add a few details…

what’s new…

  • I ensured to add details such as the author of the article and where to continue reading the article which I missed in my first draft
  • I also worked on the heading and added a coloured text behind “LUCE” to make it stand out more swell as rearranging the heading so that it doesn’t read over the fold in the middle of the page which could be cut out when stapled into a magazine
  • Another detail I added was the overload logo in the top left which I also included in my contents page so followed this on

what’s next…

  • I am not completely happy with my artists name ‘Luce’ and so may change it to a more extra-ordinary dj name to fit the EDM genre
  • I may try to follow the background onto the left page so that the design flows
  • I am also going to play with some small designs which I could add as “Luce’s” logo somewhere to help link my models image to the article

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