Chosen Adverts


Here are my two chosen adverts for page 2 and 6 of my music magazine. I am including adverts in my magazine to allow it to form a mini magazine which I need a page 2 and 6 for. It was important for me to realise that a brand would not advertise their product/event In my magazine if it is not expected to attract my target audience, keeping this in mind helped me chose my adverts.

Psychographics and demographics were useful when finding what adverts would interest my audience most. I thought about my readers psychographics as this is an insight into their personalities and insights which can help dive me an idea of the types of adverts they would be interested in aswell as demographics which refer to the individuals age, race and overall identity factors which can also be useful when choosing which adverts appeal most as some adverts would attract a much younger generation.

When choosing my adverts I focused on ensuring they would appeal to my magazines target audience. Therefore I chose one advertising a upcoming EDM event which should attract my readers as it is a EDM magazine therefore they should be interested in events linked to this genre. My second advert is advertising headphones which I believe would appeal to my target audience as EDM genre is a lively genre which links in well with this adverts main headline ‘The Game Before The Game’. This is advertising top sound quality in Beats products which create an atmosphere of concentration before a game.

Although these pages in my magazine will not be marked they enhance my understanding around my genre and target audience associated with my magazine.

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