Risk Assessment

Before doing our shoot we had to complete a risk assessment to identify potential risks that could occur whilst we are out filming. For example we recognised that we need a lifeguard if we wish to use a pool for filming. We all signed the document so that our teacher knows we are aware of the risks and can allow us to go ahead with filming.

Star Image

Here we created a moodboard for the star of our song. We actually decided to use a different artists, Bru C, who produces similar music to our chosen song as our artists is not very well known and therefore we struggled to find enough media coverage surrounding her to make a moodboard. By using a different artist we were able to understand the task more and create a better image surrounding how a star is portrayed in the media.

This task helps us think about how we want our star to be portrayed in the video which can be very much determined by use of mise en scene. Looking at how we describe this well known artist simply from his social medias and media coverage can help us see how we need to portray our star to get the desired look across to our audience. For example we picked up that Bru C was cheeky and fun just from looking at this colourful outfits and poses and facial expressions in his photos.



Final Pitch

Here we performed our music video idea to Miss in order to gather some feedback about our narrative and overall ideas and give us an idea of what we still need to think about and change.


  • LED lighting scenes will be effective
  • our model already knows the lyrics which is a advantage
  • our narrative some what follows the lyrics of the song making it an amplified music video and may make it easier to follow

targets to consider 

  • make sure we plan properly as our narrative and performance are merged together and they do need to be told apart from each other to be effective
  • make sure we use a variety of angles when filming especially in studio filming so that It is not boring
  • have the model looking into the camera for interaction but also away from the camera to give different depths of eye contact
  • make sure our narrative is completely clear and we understand how we are going to show the mother within the narrative

This task was definitely useful as it made it clear to us what we still need to work on and ensure that our narrative actually makes sense and is properly planned out.



Final Song Choice

Final song :

After doing all of our own individual pitches and ideas for a music video, we then came together in our groups and shared our ideas with our team so that we could decide together on a final song and narrative. The aim was to include ideas from everyones pitch and we did this successfully.

We ended up deciding on the song which Lani initially pitched and then used a combination of all our narratives and performance ideas to come up with out final plan.

We decided on low down as a song as it was best suited for the narrative which we wanted to go for and also fit best with our idea of how we want our star to be portrayed in our music video.

Perfect Production Group

Above is our team agreement which we did as a group, this is important before we start planning our music video as it makes it clear how we can distribute the roles evenly within our group and prevent disagreements when producing our music video. This is important for our communication, organisation and delegation without our group.

It also allows us to have something to look back on and see what we have agreed to before we started the music video.

My Mini Pitch


Here I have created a mini pitch to present to my group about my ideas for our music video. It includes my song idea aswell as my narrative and performance ideas to go with my song.

I embedded to lyric video of my song In order to not give people a vision of the existing music video so that they can just envision my narrative with the song and focus more on the vibe and words in the song.

The synesthetic world cloud helped me pick out elements and get an idea of the song and what it feels and looks like just by listening to it.

I also have visions about editing including editing the clips to the beat and looking at pace of edit to reflect tense or dramatic situations going on.


Narrative Exploration

RUNAWAY – this video is amplified but also illustrated as AURORA is the main star image in the video creating a story through lip syncing the song. The narrative is linear as it is based around feeling the words in the song. The chosen mise en scene  portrays that she is running away from pain and now trapped in harsh landscapes in a lonely circle. She was in search of a soft happy place but her energy gives the adrenaline of escaping or running away from danger, pain or even loss and shows how she is a lost in a world that she doesn’t know. I think this music video is powerful as it is a performance of the song with the use of lip syncing to act like the model screaming through these empty landscapes.

WILDEST DREAMS –  this narrative is a linear amplification of the song as the story is presented in chronicle order, Taylor Swift is the main star image and has use lip sync to give emotion through the video and tell the story through her lyrics. The story behind this follows the lyrics as it shows Taylor filming a video with a man who she falls in love with and then has dreams about him. The video ends when Taylor attends the awards at the end of the film production where she then sees the man she is in love with alongside his wife so remembers their love was only meant to be pretend in the film. The ending puts her dream of love in reality that their romance is not real.

LOCKED AWAY – This music video is an episodic illustration as it contains multiple different clips of stories from separate families. It presents situations of family being split apart through war or offences or money problems. At the beginning of the narrative there are sirens and a clip of cops arresting a girl before the music starts, this introduces the story before the song has even begun. The video is edited well switching between clips of fighting and also includes some slo-mo scenes to make the fighting and emotion more powerful.  Although this is also a combination music video as it keeps switching to the artist lip syncing throughout the video. I think this music video makes the song even more powerful than it already is and is emotional to watch.

My narratives 

Poisoned Love – a girl completely in love with her boyfriend living in her dream world, finds herself poisoned after a night out only to find it’s her love that is poisoned and her world with her boyfriend turns upside down as she finds herself drawn to his best friend through poison.

Drugged up – A girl trapped in a circle of loneliness with her drugged psycho parents, she’s never seen the outside world but through online dating she’s soon to meets someone who will change that.

Hallucinations – A boy with a lifetime illness involved with hallucinations feels like he is living in the past with continuous flashbacks finds himself involved with drugs which turns out to be his only way to reality and way of escaping.


This task was important to be able to analyze key elements of music videos such as if the structure is linear, episodic,  thematic or anachronic and the narrative is illustrative, disjunctive or amplified. I was also watching the videos to try and understand the meaning of the story behind the video.

This task helped give me ideas and inspiration for when creating my own story and meaning behind my music video.

The second task I did in this was to actually come up with my own mini narratives which can be explained in a few sentences but would work to be extended into a video.


Previous Students Work

Here I was watching previous student work in order to peer assess and help understand the standard of work I need to aim to produce when making my own music video. By deconstructing various professional music videos and these student music videos I notice that all music videos share the same conventions including being narrative or performance as well as the the use of mise en scene and lip sync

Reflection of overall music video

  • The performance of the music video very much reflects the genre of the song
  • The MES perfectly demonstrates the desired genre and emotions which are portrayed through the song
  • There are a wide range of shots used which are appropriate to the narrative
  • Overall the lip syncing of the performance is well executed
  • There have been some good edits and cute which fit with the narrative

By deconstructing these students work I have been able to identify what they have done well and what isn’t so successful which will help me when planning my own music video. I can recognise the importance of MES in music videos and how strongly they back up the genre which is being portrayed in the video.

Analysing these videos made me watch them thoroughly to see whether they met the desired success criteria, I was specifically focusing on the use of mise en scene, star image, camera shots and editing skills. 

Music Video Conventions

click to view PDF

Above shows my research that I did looking into conventions of good successful music videos. I deconstructed different types for example a performance based one and a narrative based as well as a combination video, this was important as it taught me how to decode all different types of videos.

Music videos are a key part of promoting an artists music and therefore them being the main star image in their own music video can enhance their recognition as they can then be recognised as the artist, this is common in performance and combination music videos. When pulling apart these videos I started by focusing on the MES used and seeing how it was or wasn’t related to the genre and overall narrative of the music video. I then spoke about the themes and meaning behind the video depending on whether it was narrative or performance based. In narrative videos I identified whether it was made to be a illustration, amplification or disjunctive – meaning the story in the music video is mirrors the lyrics, has a link. but also another complicated element in the story or is completely separate from the story told in the song .

Focusing Forward

This task helped me to think about important elements of a music video and what is successful but also what didn’t work so well even in these famous music videos. I now understand the importance of music videos more and the difference between performance, combination and narrative.