Narrative Sequence


Here is the final outcome and the planning storyboard for our narrative sequence. Planning was important before trying to film so that we knew the order of our clips and the story line as well as what shots we wanted to do for each clip.

When planning we ensured to include a variety of shots into our storyboard as this is what will help make such a simple story of making tea more exciting for the viewer. Although we planned out each type of shot we wanted to use for each clip, we changed some of this when it come to filming if something didn’t work as well as we hoped.

In our final video we used several cut to close up shots to capture simple details such as the kettle boiling and pouring the milk, we also used jump cuts and attempted a J cut which means the viewer hears to sound before the clip, this worked well for pouring the water into the mug as you can hear the pouring sound before you see it. Using a range of different shots helped convey the narrative of ‘making a cup of tea’ which is such a simple task and by using these different length and angled shots is what made our video more exciting to watch.

I am happy with the overall editing of our video although some of our clips could have been filmed better for example when the actress is getting the tea bag from the box, this shot is not very well filmed. Perfecting these shots would have improved the overall quality of our video.

We were also unsure on whether we wanted to add music to our video although decided against it in order to emphasis the sounds we used such as the kettle boiling and water pouring which were an important aspect of our video.

Focusing Forward

This task was very useful to see the importance of different shots for when we make our music videos because even though we will have a more exciting and creative story line for these videos, a variety of shots is still very important to keep the viewer interested. This is especially the case in performance music videos as it would get very boring If there was just one shot of the band the whole time, the viewer wants to see close up of each individual and capture the atmosphere from different angles through the screen.