Digipack – Digital Mock-up

Following on from our previous hand drawn mock up, we decided to create a digital version so we get more of an idea of how the final product will look like. We experimented with the colours, images and tools so we could use a few of these techniques into our actual digipack.

We went with a black and white theme as it is suitable for our genre and has worked out well. However, the items on the shelf in the front cover we thought could be in colour in order for them to stand out as they are important in terms of symbolising the songs on the track list.

This is our digital mock-up:

Front Cover:

Digital Mock Up - Front Cover

Inside Left & Right:

Digital Mock Up - Inside Left and Right

Back Cover:

Digital Mock Up - Back Cover

We printed the different covers and put them into a CD case so then we could receive feedback from our peers. In the printing process, the white colour on the digipack turned out as a slight yellow colour which we had not planned however this still related to the genre so as a group and from our feedback we will decide if we will keep the yellow tint or to make it white.


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