March 13

Evaluation Question 6

This is my evaluation question 6 within this task, I was asked what different tools I used throughout my media experience, I talked about my use of:

  • Google Docs
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Audacity

This task allowed me to look back and review what I had used from start to finish.

March 13

Evaluation Question 2

This is my evaluation question 2, within this task we were asked how our characters are represented throughout our media product, I talked about how characters are represented through the use of mise-en scene  and other micro features

March 13

Evaluation Question 1





In this task, we were asked to make a Prezi about the typical conventions that are being portrayed in our thriller, in this Prezi I included examples from our thriller and explained them to show the use of the convention within our own media product.

March 13

Draft 3 (edit includes music and foley sounds)

We received feedback in terms of sound, titles and the edit. In terms of sound, we were advised to edit the perspective of the footsteps this was mainly because they were really loud, after changing volume and using key points to set the volume at specific points we managed to create the perspective we were looking for. We were also advised to move the title of ‘The Wanderer’ into the middle of the screen it is more prominent and also change the colour of the font. We also had to find a sound that matched the crunching of the protagonist’s cereal packet. Additionally, we had to change the pace of the non-diegetic sound and finally use an exponential fade to merge two different sounds.

This a screencastify concerning feedback to our draft 3 thriller.


Since receiving this feedback we have made changes where appropriate.

  • We have gone through all the sound within our thriller and mad it in time with the action
  • We improved the sound perspective for the footsteps



March 13

Sound Production and Editing

Within our group we had to find the correct and most appropriate sound for the following items:

  • A gun cocking
  • A zipper on a coat
  • Footsteps walking through leaves
  • The clink of glass bottles

We recorded the sound of the zipper and the footsteps ourselves using a digital microphone, to create the sound of the footsteps we used a black bin bag, Beth made footsteps that would be in time with our protagonists during the opening scene while I recorded her.

Below are some pictures of us recording foley sounds.

Below are some screen shots of us editing some diegetic sound on the Audacity software, we needed to slightly changed the length of the sound of the zipper so we clipped and increased the tempo of the sound wave and added more bass and treble to get the sound exactly how we needed it to sound.

We also edited the sound of the crows on audacity, we added an echo on to the sound file to make the birds represent the theme of fear.

This is a soundscape that we made to plan out sounds and to make sure they were all in the correct order.