October 1

Thriller Expectations


Last week I¬†watched the thriller “Secret Window” within the thriller I saw many techniques used to startle and intrigue the audience.


While in the process of an ugly divorce from his wife, writer Mort Rainey relocates to his remote cabin in upstate New York for isolation. Attempting to recover his mental health, the writer has the misfortune of being found by John Shooter, a farmer who claims Rainey plagiarized his work. At first, Rainey ignores the accusations, but Shooter has no intention of quietly disappearing. Soon, Shooter becomes increasingly vicious in his quest for retribution.

Within the film, the opening introduces the protagonist and location using a broad and capturing establishing shot of the iconic “cabin in the woods” perfect for a thriller, throughout the film the editor chose to use jump cuts this creates a jarring and quite aggressive mood reflecting on the audience when watched, I feel the techniques used could reflect well in my thriller, I would like to use jump cuts in my thriller as I feel it can connote themes such as aggression mystery and confusing.

5 ideas I would like to take from this are:

  • The use of framing through different pieces of set
  • Using canted angles to create a disorientating effect
  • using jump cuts to distance the audience
  • use a variety of shots to display different pieces of mise en scene
  • use proxemics to display the hierarchy within the plot


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