November 15

Visual Planning

I made a Mood board to help visualize my ideas and to establish what I would like to use as concepts for my thriller, Mood boards are used in art to gather ideas for a new piece and are the equivalent to  a writer’s notebook

My storyboard is based on the idea of a psychological thriller. A girl suffering from extreme mental conditions including schizophrenia and extreme paranoia convinces herself that she is dead and is having an out of body experience, in order to return back to life she must kill someone who she believes is her.

After establishing my idea and presenting it to the group we tweaked the idea in terms of narrative we decided that the out of body experience would be hard to film, so we said that the protagonist would just be a raging psychopath who wanted to murder someone for revenge.

Also included is a mood board from a member of my group.

This is Beth’s mood board, her idea contained themes of deceit, murder, and betrayal, we used the idea of murder from her mood board to come up with our final narrative.unnamed

This is molly’s mood board we decided to take the use of darkness and blood and combine them with the phycotic elements of my thriller to finalise a detailed narrative

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